Top 10 Best MOBAs Available Right Now

The goal of video games has always been to give people activity, providing an adventure that they could never take in real life. Decades later we find ourselves at the turning point of competitive online gaming. There are plenty of online games giving people the action filled experience they are looking for. No genre has made the eSports scene quite as possible as ? massive online battle arenas. This week?s decuple MMO domination takes a stab at the many games in the MOBA genre.

AirMech Beta on Steam, Servers Added Worldwide

AirMech is now available on Steam! Beta keys have been distributed to all Alpha testers, and new players can participate in the Steam beta by purchasing a special bundle. Over 250,000 unique players have signed up to play AirMech worldwide, and this week a number of new servers have been brought online across to globe to improve service for everyone.