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Welcome back attack to our September edition of the top played dota 2 heroes. In our august list we saw the same ten heroes as July, only with different orders, which made for kind of a boring list, unfortunately this month there’s not a huge difference in the ranks, in fact there’s only one new hero, and he’s, or THEY, are brand new to the game. I’m guessing you already know who I’m talking about. Let’s get to the list.

At ten this month is Earthshaker, Earthshaker has enjoyed a bit of a popularity surge since his showing in The International 4 this summer. An eighth place finish in August, followed up a ninth place finish in July, and now he sits here right on the edge of elimination with a respectable 52.77% win rate, which is the highest of anyone in the top 10.

Techies are here! The techies make their first appearance on our list, during their first full month in the game. Techies have some interesting, and rather sluggish stats. Of their over 5 million matches played, they have less than a %44 win rate, which would place them in the bottom 20 for that category, and a 1.49 kill to death ratio, which is the absolute worst in the game. Even IO is laughing at you!

Bloodseeker has enjoyed a place on our top ten list here since we started back in March of this year. He’s ranged between 5 and 7 the entire time, except for this month. His 8th place finish is the lowest we’ve seen him at, but with only about 120,000 matches played behind Riki, it doesn’t look like he’s destined for another fall next month.

Riki is another hero who has placed on our list each and every month. Riki has had a much rougher go of it though, slipping slowly from 5 in March to 9 last month, but his 7th place finish in September shows that he’s back in rare form. He was recently updated in the Rekindling Soul Update in late september, so Riki did enjoy a surge from that. I won’t be surprised to see him rank higher next month.

Invoker sees his lowest finish of the year here at 6th most played. His magic seems to be running dry, as he held the number 2 spot for much of the year until recently. Invoker is a challenging but powerful hero, which may be why people love to play him. I however, am not one who can claim Invoker as my most played. He’s freaking hard guys.

Like much of the rest of the list, Mirana has been top played every month this year. This is Mirana’s lowest finish of the year here at 5, but she does have one of the higher win rates of the group at 52% and the second highest kill to death ratio at 2.76, behind only Riki. Can you guys guess who has the highest KDA of anyone in the game? It’s Spectre.

Phantom Assassin has slowly trudged through the rankings in the last few months. Her debut in May to the list at 9 saw her overtake the top five in July, and this is her lowest ranking yet here at four. PA’s rework during the Spring Cleaning patch has made her one of the favorites and it’s likely you are seeing here in every other game you play. Am i right?

Faceless Void poked his head on the list in June at 9th place, and has quickly found himself in the top 3 with his finishes the last two months. The Rekindling Soul update this month did nerf his Chronosphere, well, barely. The area of effect was reduced and no longer lingers, but that hasn’t stopped him, won’t stop him.

Now of course, Sniper and Pudge. Sniper has been at secone spot since June, and Pudge, has been the number one on this list since March, and i’m guessing he probably was long before that as well, as his matches played for the month, 9.1 million, far exceed Sniper at 7.8 million and Faceless Void at 6.8 million. Sniper has a higher win rate and kill to death ratio, but people love Pudge. They just fucking love him! Do you? Are you a Pudge player? Let us know in the comments below!

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