Two Popular Kickstarter Games Share Technology

The world of crowd source funding has shown its value yet again today as two successful Kickstarter games announce an unofficial partnership to share technology for the greater good of their players. Star Citizen, one of the most successful Kickstarter games in the history of the website, and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a non-fantasy medieval RPG, may seem complete opposites on paper but look deeper and they share more similarities than expected.

Both of the games smashed their initial Kickstarter goals and both are being developed using Crytek’s CryEngine, and recently both developers announced a partnership to share trade secrets surrounding the popular engine.

Chris Roberts, one of the developers on Star Citizen, said he contacted the Kingdom Come developers after being impressed with characters and outfits featured in the teaser trailer:

characters and outfits I saw working in-engine in the trailer impressed
me so much that I contacted the team to talk about what was going on
under the hood. Star Citizen doesn’t need
peasants and knights… but it does need a robust character creation
system for the persistent universe,” Roberts said. “And that technology
is exactly what Warhorse is building for the CryEngine.”

Creative Director Dan Vavra – who expressed his admiration for Roberts’ Wing Commander echoed the sentiment:

it was logical that one year later, when we were preparing our own
Kickstarter campaign, Star Citizen was our role model,” he said.”You
learn from the best. So you can imagine how happy we were when Chris
Roberts appeared on the list of our backers, and you can’t even imagine
how it felt when we received an email from Chris himself. He was telling
us that he likes our stuff and since his team is using CryEngine as
well, they would like to cooperate with us and share some technology!
Who would have thought about this 23 years ago when playing Wing

Both developers have confirmed that tools and technology will be shared between the two teams promising nothing but good things for fans of either title. For more information on Kingdom Come: Deliverance you can visit the official website and Kickstarter page. Do you see the potential that Chris Roberts saw in the initial trailer? We certainly can.

Source: EuroGamer

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