What’s Different In Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 beta has come and gone and it has left us with more than a few questions. And opinions. So since the internet is the perfect place for hot takes, we’ve decided to share our own with you.

Now, with a game as divisive as Destiny, it should come as no surprise that the beta left people with mixed feelings. On one hand, you have a leaner, quicker PVP experience. One where you have to worry less about randomly glowing, elemental objects of death and more about actual gunplay. What a thought. But is the improved PVP balance worth having less space magic during the PvE content? And just how much better will the story and world building be? It won’t be until Destiny 2 hits store shelves later this year that we’ll get our answers. But in the meantime, check out our in depth overview of the beta and all the upcoming changes.

What's Different in the Destiny 2 Beta

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