WildStar Open Beta Begins This Week

NCSoft and Carbine Studios today announced that the eagerly awaited open beta for WildStar will begin this week, Thursday May 8th. This will mark the first opportunity that many players have had to sample the crazy world of WildStar and the developers have revealed that all content up to level 30 will be available. Those with access to previous closed beta or stress testing events are automatically in the open beta so there’s no need for any further steps.

Those wishing to join for the first time will simply need to head on over to the official WildStar open beta page and request a key. Not your traditional open beta approach but there doesn’t appear to be any information regarding a limited supply. The open beta will run through until May 18th and will see a variety of new content added to the game to give level 30 players a little more to whet their appetite before release.

Among the new content are brand new abilities, the final ability slot and the opportunity to visit the moon and swing your badass looking sword in Farside.

Source: Press Release

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