WildStar’s Carbine Studios Suffers “Sweatshop” Like Work Conditions

Post-launch layoffs are a sad reality of the MMO world as a large development work force makes way for smaller teams aimed at maintaining and not producing, vast and expansive MMO worlds. As such it was no real surprise to see similar results at Carbine Studios following the launch of WildStar but the aftermath has been anything but typical.

As many talented folk from NCSoft’s Western team return to the job market some decided to mark their time with Carbine Studios via an anonymous feedback and rating option offered by popular job-finding website Glassdoor.com. Since the layoffs at Carbine the page has been flooded with negative comments and scores with some saying they’re glad to be rid of the “toxic environment” and “lack of communication” among the members of management. Although it’s also worth noting that a surprising mass of negative remarks were present long before the layoffs.

Many other concerns echo through the negative feedback left by both current and past employee’s at Carbine Studios:

-Abysmal wages, morale, and job security.
-Astonishingly inept resource allocation.
-Disregard for employee and player incentives
-Inability to put the word to the deed: deadlines routinely missed, poor quality assurance, sweatshop workplace conditions.
-Amateurish design, management, PR.
-Boys’ club.

The folks over at Escapist Magazine were first to pick up on the floods of negative comments following the recent layoffs and in turn reached out to Carbine for an official comment. Instead they were approached by a former employee that offered to provide insight on the condition of remaining anonymous.

Although the former employee was a little less cut-throat in their criticisms of Carbine, they did express that many of the problems are a result of Carbine’s former President stepping down earlier this year stating that his departure left a serious “void” and the aftermath saw many employees experience a loss of “commitment” and “passion”.

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Source: Escapist

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