World Of Tanks Rolls Onto Xbox One

The battle lines have been drawn as Wargaming proudly announce the immediate release of the critically acclaimed World War II tank combat MMO, World of Tanks, on Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming platform. Custom built for the Xbox One the latest World of Tanks harnesses every inch of power for the hottest gaming console on the market today, including exciting cross-platform play between the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Stunningly enhanced graphics, a brand new PvE game mode and a new generation of tanks promises to make the Xbox One release of World of Tanks to be the most exciting yet.

[quote cite=”Denny Thorley, SVP of product development, Wargaming, “]
“Across all platforms, World of Tanks has one of the most dedicated online communities of players and we are expanding that community as we break new ground with this revolutionary cross-platform play functionality on consoles. With this technological innovation we are able to bridge the battle between Xbox One and Xbox 360 tankers, and we’re excited to offer players their first-ever opportunity to play across the two, together and seamlessly.”[/quote]

World of Tanks innovates the genre in many ways with the Xbox One release including the ability to chat in real-time with other players from both Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. The Havok physics engine also makes an appearance in the Xbox One version, meaning players can expect greatly enhanced graphics and lingering battle damage.

Proving Grounds, the all-new PvE mode, provides the perfect learning platform for new players as they engage in fights on many different fronts against intelligent AI enemies. New social & streaming tools will also give players entirely options to share their experience with the world.

Source: Press Release

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