Kartuga – Action MMO Prepares for Closed Beta

I think it’s only natural to be a fan of pirates.  I mean, Disney has been milking us for some sort of Pirate theme for years now.  So, it makes sense to bring pirates into the MMO space.  And that’s exactly what InnoGames is hoping to capture here with Kartuga.  

Kartuga is a swash-buckling action-MMO that is coming to your browser next month.  The closed beta will begin in February and pre-registered players will have a chance to participate   What’s amazing about this browser based game is that it will be using Unity 3D to bring this multiplayer adventure to life.

In the game you will be put in charge of one of three fully customizeable classes of ships.  The core of the game is simple, to deliver an action packed, nail-biting sea battling adventure.  Co-operative PvP will be a strong focus in the game.  There will be many open world battles to take place in and the sheer size of the world is enough to make even the toughest MMO critics drool.  

[blockquote]?So far, already 50,000 players pre-registered for the game and we cannot wait to show it to them?, says InnoGames spokesman Dennis Heinert. ?The game adds new perspectives to the pirate genre. The setting does not have anything to do with clich?d Caribbean parrots, but will lead the players to three distinct areas. This is all free to play and massively multiplayer in a persistent world.?[/blockquote]

For those interested in more information on Kartuga, head on over to their main website and sign up for the beta!

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