PAX Awards! | PAX Prime 2014

PAX Prime is a time for game developers and publishers to show off their hard work, and for fans to play and critique the games right in front of the ones who created them.  With each passing year the headlines get bigger, the booths get bolder and games get better.  PAX is definitely a unique experience and one that should be had by all gamers at some point in their life!  Let’s jump into our list of the best at PAX Prime 2014

[heading]Best In Show[/heading]
Gigantic was one of the games that I was most excited to play as I head up to Seattle.  The Motiga team did not disappoint.  Not only was I surprised at how fast paced the game was, but how beautifully it played.  Each of the heroes were incredibly unique, had great polish, and played an integral role in your team winning the battle against the Guardians.  Gigantic had me at hello, and not once was the dirty word ‘MOBA’ spoken of during the show.  

[heading]Best MOBA[/heading]But alas, no list can be complete without an aforementioned MOBA.  PAX had its fair share of arena games to fight for fans attention, and Strife certainly did their part.  Many a player lined up to check out Strife for the first time, or to check out what has changed since their last match.  The booth was amazing, and the mechanical dragon was quite the draw.

[heading]Best Indie MMO[/heading]Not many have heard of Wander, and although i’d partaken in a few articles before my trip, Wander was still a mystery to me.  How could a non-combat MMO work?  What type of player does the game cater to?  Questions still arise for the game, but my time with Loki Davison, the game’s creator, gave me hope for his beautiful re-creation of an Australian rainforest and the grand plans that he has to shake up the genre.

[heading]Best Browser MMO[/heading]TOME: Immortal Arena was probably not on a lot of people’s lists when it came to what they had to play at PAX, but it might be now.  TOME shared a space with the newest billionaire on the market, Twitch.TV, and they took advantage of the crowds to show off an incredibly fun browser MOBA.  The game is quick, action-packed, and played relatively well, despite the internet strains in the convention.  The game’s devs are particularly proud of their product and were stoked to bring it to a larger audience.  It’s a definite must play for those looking for a change of pace from League or Dota, or just wanting quick action-packed games during down-time.

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