TOME: Immortal Arena Interview | PAX Prime 2014

Kirk and Attack Gaming interview Shawn Carnes of KIXEYE on their brand new free to play browser MOBA, TOME: Immortal Arena.  TOME had an awesome booth set-up right alongside Twitch at PAX Prime 2014.
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TOME: Immortal Arena Gameplay | First Impressions HD

TOME: Immortal Arena is a free to play, browser based MOBA game from Kixeye. 

Play TOME: Immortal Arena for free!

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FFXI, The Dead Linger, VEGA Conflict and more! – The Weekly Loot Ep. 64

The Weekly Loot is MMO ATK’s Weekly MMO and MMORPG News Show hosted by the lovely and talented Reina! Each week we cover the most important topics on the MMO gaming space with thoughtful and in-depth commentary. We take gaming news seriously and break down the biggest stories in a short and easy to view format that any MMO fan can enjoy.

This week’s MMORPG News:

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XI Birthday | [timer]34[/timer]
The Dead Linger Goes to Steam | [timer]67[/timer]
Kixeye Releases Brand New MMORTS VEGA Conflict | [timer]113[/timer]
Blizzard’s Titan Most Likely To Be Free To Play | [timer]151[/timer]
DayZ Suffers More Delays | [timer]151[/timer]
Dead Island ZOMBA Announced | [timer]151[/timer]
Hi-Rez Studios Shuts Down Forums | [timer]151[/timer]
PlanetSide 2 Reaches 5 Million Players | [timer]151[/timer]

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