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Square Enix today released a huge new update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, introducing an impressive amount of new content alongside new incentives and mechanics to make the new player experience more accessible and rewarding. Patch 3.2, titled The Gears of Change, introduces brand new story quests, additional dungeons, thrilling primal battles and […]

Square Enix recently took to the Tokyo Games Show to introduce players to some of the contents with the upcoming release of the 3.1 update for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. During the panel at the Tokyo Games Show Square Enix debuted the 3.1 update and announced its title, As Goes Light, So Goes […]

Recent years haven’t been so kind to Square Enix as quarterly reports showed a steady decline across the board while the company struggled to find its feet. Thankfully however it appears things are starting to improve this quarter, despite being a quiet period in the console markets. Via a new report issued today the company […]

Square Enix today announced that the highly anticipated debut expansion for the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV is now available to pre-order through a Standard, Collector’s and All-In-One Edition for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Both a digital and disc version are available, packed with additional incentives sure to whet the appetite of all eager Eorzeans. […]

How often do you hear industry experts call doom and gloom on the modern subscription-based MMO? Well, that doom and gloom suffered a heavy dose of revealing light today as IGN analyzes Square Enix’s earlier reports, detailing the success of their pay-to-play MMO games. According to the report Square Enix’s pay-to-play titles are attracting nearly […]

During this past weekends Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn fan festival event in Las Vegas, developers Square Enix revealed details on the games first ever major content expansion, Heavensward. Over the weekend various members of the development team took their opportunity to introduce players to the exciting variety of new content coming with Heavensward, […]

Your Daily MMO and MMORPG News for Wednesday April 16th. Today Bethany discusses Wildstar, The Last of Us and Square Enix.

New posts on the official Final Fantasy XIV Reddit and game forums have shed some light on massive blanket bans that hit the game earlier today.

Square Enix today announced a variety of exciting events heading to Final Fantasy XI in celebration of the games 11th anniversary.

Epic Games has officially announced a huge partnership with Square Enix.

Although Kingdom Hearts 3D has only been out in Japan for several weeks, Nomura of Square Enix said they would be able to make an announcement soon about another Kingdom Hearts.

We just received the following press release from Bigpoint; they’ve teamed up with Square Enix and it sounds like they’ve got an exciting game in development. But it’s so top-secret that they won’t even release the title of the game!

Square Enix have finally revealed the secret behind their teaser website, unveiling upcoming game, Crystal Conquest, and in the process defeated fans? hopes of the next Final Fantasy game.

WAKFU has been steaming steadily through its open beta period, and late last week Square Enix validated rumors that the game was ready for an official launch.

Final Fantasy XIV launched as a broken mess, but it?s grown into itself a little more than a year after it?s release.

Heavenstrike Rivals

1 December 2014
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Heavenstrike Rivals is the latestic mobile tactical RPG from Square Enix.