Skyforge Prepares To Welcome Phytonide Invasion Content Update

Obsidian Entertainment, and the Allods Team continue to build hype ahead of the upcoming expansion for Skyforge, an expansion that will see the introduction of Phytonide Invasion events come release on August 28th. The expansion introduces a wealth of new features and improvements to the game and includes the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards and valuable items without the weekly limits that impede so many other elements of the Skyforge experience.

The update follows the release of the recent update, Crucible of the Gods, an update that was well received by the community and came at a perfect time with many stagnating at specific parts of the progression experience.

[quote cite=”Obsidian Entertainment”]“Phytonides are much more than mere plant and are known for rapidly evolving based on their current needs. Eliminating all traces of these invaders is essential in preventing their inevitable spread across the planet. The results of this Invasion will play a hand in deciding Aelion’s fate and confirm whether or not these young gods are truly capable of protecting their home.”[/quote]

Source: PCGamesN

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