SMITE’s Future Addressed, FireFall PvP and War Of The Immortals! – The Weekly Loot Ep 69

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This week’s MMORPG News:

Hi-Rez Studios Talk SMITE’s Future | [timer]19[/timer]
FireFall To Remove PvP | [timer]65[/timer]
New Content Available In War Of The Immortals | [timer]105[/timer]

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Guild Wars 2, Age of Conan Unchained, Godsrule: War of the Immortals and more! – Weekly Loot Ep. 41

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This week we discuss:
Age of Conan: Unchained on Steam
Guild Wars 2 February Patch
DEFIANCE PvP, Shadow War
Dungeons and Dragons Online Birthday
Godsrule: War of the Immortals Open Beta
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War of the Immortals

War of the Immortals

The evil legions of Ragnarok have returned to Atlantis and players will find themselves in the aftermath of a great battle. With impending doom still at Atlantis? doorstep, players must heed the call to action and take up arms.Only then will good have a chance to prevail over evil.

War of the Immortals has a variety of features that have made it a popular sequel to Battle of the Immortals. You’ll be able to choose from the following 8 classes: Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Duelist, Ranger and Enchantress.

Equip yourself with soul gear:Specifically tailored to each class, these powerful sets of animated gear will grow and change in appearance as players progress through the game.Housing: Set up housing for members, plan upcoming raids, trade crafting materials and pick up new recruits to expand your guild.Engage in territory wars: Fight against others for territories and resources as you take your guild to new heights and notoriety in War of the Immortals.

Have a pet: Further customize your pets through the new Pet Soul system, as well as capture virtually any monster in the game.