Tales Of Laputa Introduces New Player Companion, Numen

The magical free-to-play MMORPG, Tales of Laputa, is welcoming a new player companion to their family. Players partaking in the open beta will be happy see the introduction of the lively creatures called Numen.

Numen are magical spirits that float around players, aiding their journey with a number a advantageous enhancements. Players will help each Numen advance through nine stages of growth in which they will improve their stat line and overall look. The newly added creatures are more for adventures above level 30. The more dungeons, quests, and events a player completes, the faster they can upgrade their fluttering buddies.

Numen aren?t your typical MMORPG pets. Players are granted a lot of freedom in their companions overall customization. This is definitely a chance for players to create a mythical sidekick that will fully accent the unique way they choose to play the game. Tales of Laputa combines anime elements and fantasy RPG gameplay, while delivering a world where magic and machinery coexist. With Numen there to now help against lingering demonic invasions, Tales of Laputa is one MMORPG you don?t want to miss.

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