InnoGames today announced that they have launched the highly anticipated Paladin system for the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORTS game, Tribal Wars, allowing players to recruit up ...

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MMO Attack and InnoGames have teamed up to offer fans of Tribal Wars a chance to play in the closed beta for their latest MMORTS, Tribal Wars 2. Read more
Tribal Wars 2 is a browser based online game. Every player controls a small village, striving for power and glory. Read more
Our first impressions for the free to play MMORTS game from InnoGames. Read more
Today InnoGames' classic online game Tribal Wars started the pre-registration phase for its next big tournament - the Tribal Wars Summer Games. Following the International Speed Championships' great success, the Summer Games are the next opportunity for players worldwide to show their skills and win valuable prizes, like ipads and smartphones. Read more
Tribal Wars is a strategy browser-based game developed and published by Innogames. Read more