Experience The Epic Battle Of Troy In Latest Grepolis Update

InnoGames today announced that fans of the popular free-to-play MMORTS Grepolis now have the opportunity to relive the epic events of the legendary Trojan War with the introduction of a brand new event, The Battle of Troy. The highly anticipated update has been launched across all game worlds today, challenging players to fight their way through a challenge-filled campaign map with increasingly difficult fighting stages and 5 different types of mercenary items.

Grepolis players cam locate these new mercenaries via the completion of basic objectives including city building, research and unit recruitment. This offers players with more in-game activity and logged time more chance of discovering all of the new mercenaries, although there is a limit to 10 per day.

The main attracting sees players fighting all stages before reaching the legendary Troy itself. Each level has a predetermined group of enemies that players must defeat before progressing to the next, more difficult stage.

Source: Press Release

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