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This week we put together a special exclusive primer detailing some of the big stories that took place in Q3 2017 in online gaming. It’s been a year of big franchises becoming free-to-play, and gamers being sold prizes in digital crates. The industry has made a heavy pivot yet again, and gaming is good. Guild […]

Guild Wars 2 was originally released back in 2012 so you may be surprised to hear that it has taken nearly 5 years for the community to discover the cap limit on the amount of Gold you can hold. Personally I struggled to maintain a regular Gold flow over 100 Gold but one particular player […]

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns continues to evolve and offer players new and exciting challenges as the next episode in Living World Season 3, A Crack in the Ice, is set to arrive next Monday, November 21st. The upcoming episode follows on from the gripping aftermath of Heart of Thorns as a flood of […]

The release of a new update is typically a time of celebration for MMO fans but not so much today as ArenaNet’s flagship MMORPG game, Guild Wars 2, suffered a huge and unexpected problem following the release of its latest update. The update launched earlier today and was available to play for a short while […]

iam8bit and ArenaNet, publisher and developer of the acclaimed Guild Wars® franchise, have teamed up to release a special Collector’s Edition 2xLP Vinyl featuring the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ soundtrack on 180-gram colored vinyl. The vinyl release offers fans a new way to experience the evocative, orchestral score composed by Maclaine Diemer and […]

Colin Johanson from Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet today took to Reddit to announce that the Guild Wars 2 community can now participate in the beta testing stage for the 64-bit version of the games client. The team are hoping to attract a good number of players to help with the testing as they request […]

In a new post on the official website for Guild Wars 2 Game Director Colin Johanson discusses the future of the game, including details on updates and new content in 2016 and a look back at some of the best features released this past year. Following the successful launch of Heart of Thorns the team […]

Guild Wars 2 has become the latest in a long line of premium MMO’s to make the transitions to free-to-play with the MMO community now being invited to dive in and enjoy the immersive experience of Guild Wars 2 entirely free of charge. The news comes ahead of the highly anticipated expansion release for the […]

Developers and publishers of the successful action-packed MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, today announced an exciting fan and press conference event scheduled for August 29th at this years PAX Prime in Seattle, Guild Wars 2 – The Journey Ahead. The event will see Mike O’Brien, ArenaNet President and Co-Founder, attend alongside Guild Wars 2 Game Director, […]

ArenaNet today announced the final details for the first public beta weekend event for Heart of Thorns, the highly anticipated expansion due to arrive before the end of the year for the award-winning MMORPG, Guild Wars 2. The public beta event for Heart of Thorns will begin on August 7th at 3pm EST and will […]

The front lines of the epic World Vs. World feature in Guild Wars 2 is often awash with the remains of those that dared brave its lands but a recently discovered bug seemed to wash away the sins of yesterday as the Guild Wars 2 community stood toe to toe, in peace. World Vs. World […]

What punishment would you find fitting for those that seek enjoyment through the misery of others? Well, a death sentence may appear a little severe at first glance but that didn’t stop Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet from making a shining example of a player found to be cheating the system in the award-winning MMO. […]

ArenaNet today announced an exciting event to whet the appetite of the Guild Wars 2 community as they send out the first wave of WvW invitations for the highly anticipated Desert Borderlands. Although the initial batch of invitations are low in quantity the developers have promised to issue more invites as time goes on. They […]

ArenaNet today announced that those attending PAX East will have the opportunity to dive into the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns. PAX East will mark the first opportunity for players to get their hands on the expansion as they explore the mystery of Maguum or take part in an intense PvP demo […]

The Western operations of award-winning MMO developers NCSoft suffered a serious setback today following the confirmation that the company has completed the ‘restructuring of key operations” resulting in a round of layoffs that will effect many of its Western properties including Carbine Studios – the developers of the struggling WildStar. However, the restructuring has not […]

Hot off the presses from this years EuroGamer Expo (EGX) comes exciting news surrounding a free trial week for Guild Wars 2 alongside a brand new roadmap highlighting the journey to the 2014 Guild Wars 2 World Tournament Series Championships.