Duel of Heroes, Aeternia Online, Transformers Universe and more! | The Daily XP February 28th

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today’s show we have two new games hitting Kickstarter and our first look at
some bots in Transformers Universe. Your daily XP starts now!

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Today on the Daily XP:
Duel of Heroes Joins Kickstarter in Hopes to Bring TCG to Life | [timer]38[/timer]
Aeternia Online, Sandbox MMORPG Joins Kickstarter | [timer]80[/timer]
Jagex Releases First Two Bots for Transformers Universe | [timer]117[/timer]

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We begin with the Kickstarters.  Duel of Heroes is a trading card role playing
game hybrid that promises to deliver a new type of online card game experience
with a combination of depth and exploration. 
Typically, when we think of a trading card game, it’s just that, playing
different combinations of cards to take out your enemy.  Well in Duel of Heroes there is also a 2D open
world to explore that will help make the rich fantasy story behind the game,
all that much more real.  A few other
aspects to note: Unique Heroes that can evolve during battle, an MMO-like
interface, clan wars and more!  Check out
their Kickstarter campaign with the link below.

In other Kickstarter news Aeternia Online, a sandbox MMORPG
that has quietly been in development for 3 years, has just made its way to the
crowd-sourcing site.  Jim Veerkamp, after
being bored of easy, give-away games, decided to create his game that revolves
around the player, from modular housing, to crafting, adventure and more.  The game will feature player cities,
extensive crafting, open pvp, a skill-based system devoid of levels and I could
go on.  But you’d be better off checking them
out on Kickstarter.  You know where to
find the link.

Jagex has released the first two bots for their upcoming
MOTA, Transformers Universe.  One Autobot
and one Decepticon were made available on the games website.  Meltown is an autobot who hates war, but will
never leave a fellow warrior behind, and Duststorm is a ruthlessly corrupt
killer, who simmers with a quiet consuming rage.  The two bots come complete with introductory
videos as well as a full run-down of their weapons, equipment and skills.  No doubt we will be hearing more about new
bots as they are announced, and you can be sure that MMO ATK will keep you

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