Titan, new MMO by Blizzard, may be be further along than fans thought

Last night, Rob Pardo, Executive Vice President of Game Design at Blizzard, made an interesting tweet that sparked interest among fans. The game, Titan, was mentioned in Pardo?s tweet and has informed fans that the new MMO is now playable in house and is ?pretty rough still?. It might still be years away from a release, but fans know that Blizzard will pull through, as they always have done.

Diablo III coming to Xbox and PS3?

Diablo III is set to be released on store shelves on May 15th for the PC. The title could potentially be making its way to the Xbox and PS3 consoles after Blizzard?s debut for it on PC is finished. There is still no confirmation, but the COO, Paul Sams, stated that the company would ?[continue] to explore? the possibility of a console port.