Mobile Livestreaming App Mobcrush Raises $4.9M

Santa Monica, Calif.-based start-up Mobcrush has raised $4.9 million for its mobile-gameplay livestreaming app.  The company, which started in August of 2014 and has 12 employees, currently has their app in closed beta testing.

With a model much like rival Twitch, Mobcrush will focus on natively streaming from your mobile device.  The company is said to try to get the highest quality stream without stealing processing power from the game.  Royce Disini, founder of Mobcrush, said that his app can get 60 frames per second video quality, even on taxing games like Vainglory.  The challenge for the company however will be maintaining the quality of livestreaming in areas where mobile signals are weak.

If you’re wondering why Twitch hasn’t been the one to take on mobile livestreaming, well, they have.  Earlier last year Twitch teamed up with Gameloft to host a 24-hour event with the game Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS.  Twitch has seemingly not done much in the mobile atmosphere yet though, which leaves the space for companies like Mobcrush to jump in and build their technology.


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