Merc Elite Hands-On Preview from Bigpoint Headquarters in Germany

Kirk and MMO ATK had the opportunity to visit Bigpoint’s headquarters in Hamburg Germany last week to get a hands on look at their newest free to play MOBA game, Merc Elite.
While in Germany Kirk was able to learn more about the game and play it hands on with other members of the press.  Afterwards they all went paint-balling, but we’ll have that in a different video.
Learn more about Merc Elite via our gamepage.
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Living After War closed beta – a brief look

Living After War (or L.A.W.) is a game currently undergoing closed Beta by I managed to snag a beta key and spent less than two hours downloading the 3.6 GB of the game offered. Immediately I noticed upon entering the nifty little slideshow/opening cinematic they chose to display upon choosing a faction, which is simply a difference between cryogenically frozen humans or humans who have undergone evolution and surgery to enhance their bodies for survival on the rather havocked Earth.