WoozWorld is one of the newest and most visually appealing web based social/ free online kids games. Like previous social games, WoozWorld is aimed at young children and offers a safe virtual environment for players to hang out and chat. Gameplay features are thin, but players can customize their own ?unitz? using a variety of furniture and other items collected across the game world.

While WoozWorld encourages player-generated content, there are a number of official regions known as ?Nationz? that kids can explore such as Mystic Alley, Colony V, Lib Street and Cortozza.

Spirit Tales

Spirit Tales

Spirit Tales is a free to play fantasy MMO produced by Koram Games. It is the all English version of the game Glory Destiny Online. Right after loading up the game it has a soft casual feel to it. The soundtrack is light hearted and fun, and the sound effects are equally joyful.

The character creations are reminiscent of the game ?Animal Crossing?  for the DS, the characters are very well made and Koram boasts of over 40 million different character setups. From head to toe the style and colour of your characters look is up too you. Spirit tales features 6 classes from 3 tribes, ranging from a long range DPS archer to a strong Warrior tank. There is also characters such as the fighter, a close range melee DPS. Also a shaman class more desirable for support characters. There is also an assassin class as a rouge type of character and a Sorcerer being more of a damage dealing magic character. All these classes work together to form a well rounded game.

After creating a character you jump right into the action. There is a small cut scene showing you the story behind the game, based on the classic good versus evil, where you must conquer those who have become corrupted. The quest lines following are wonderful and helpful. The simple right click to travel to your destination and the slay away. The quest lines are fun to read and helpful, they push you along in the direction you need to go. They always have helpful tips and tricks after levelling and finishing quests.  The levelling goes rather quickly and is fun to go through, each level you will attain one skill point which you can allocate to the skill you choose. Bearing in mind you have the level enough to do it. There is no stats as in other MMO?s like attack strength or vitality, instead you level your passive skills to build your character how you would like.

A unique aspect to Spirit Tales is the pets in game. One can be merged to yourself giving you small blessing that will help in combat. You can also call a pet out into battle to fight with you. Each pet having a special set of skills as well as special attacks. Any monster in the game can be captured and taken as a pet once it is below 50% health. This allows you to take a certain pet if you are looking to add a certain attribute to your character.

There is a small item mall where you can purchase items that can help you in game. Things like health potions, extra clothes and other small things along the way. The fashion is fun and new, although there is a lack of mature type clothing. All of it is bunny and rabbit, with pink and purple, and sky blue.

The crafting is an interesting and allows you to build your own weapons. Materials can be gained through killing monsters and new weapons can be crafted as you level up. You can also craft ornaments if you can find the mold. These weapons can be refined to add damage, or add sockets to add certain bonuses to your weapons.

Lastly, Spirit Tales features an interesting achievement system which allows players to set goals and or achieving them. These titles also give small bonuses and allow you to increase attack, health or defense.

All in all, Spirit Tales is a great free to play fantasy game. It is a laid back game for easy going gamers.  So if your looking for a new mmo to try definitely give spirit tales a try, you won?t be disappointed!

Last Chaos

Last Chaos

Last Chaos is one of the first games Aeria Games ever published. The game was originally released back in 2006 and is set in a  fantasy environment. According to the lore, the land that the players inhabit was created by two gods, Apollon and Eres, the gods of light and darkness, respectfully. The two rival gods, Apollon and Eres, clash with each other and a tremendous war breaks out. Eres creates an ?evil? race (which is playable in the game as the Titan class) but then retreats after a failed attempt to control the world. But of course, he?s sworn to return.

While the class options available in Last Chaos aren?t anything new, the game has an excellent variety of skills. The game has a decent variety of classes, but the entire character creation process is very limited.  You have the opportunity to choose between six playable classes: Titan, Knight, Sorcerer, Mage, Rogue, Healer.  However the classes are gender locked and there is very little customization that can help distinguish your character from the next.


Global Agenda

Global Agenda

Global Agenda delivers intense fast paced combat that is sure to satisfy its players. This MMO shooter lets players control their characters in third person as they team up with allies to complete missions, claim and defend areas, and destroy other players. Choose a class that fits your playstyle, develop your character, and become a powerful force in Global Agenda.Global Agenda is a 3D MMO shooter with RPG elements.The game features four different classes for players to choose from and get straight to the action. Both PvE and PvP Missions are available as well as training and arena type areas. Players choose from a fairly wide selection of weapons and equipment for their class, and can allocate skill points to better fit their needs. Combat in Global Agenda is intense, strategic, and skillful. Players can choose from the following four classes: Assault, Medic, Robotics and Recon.



Grepolis is a browser based MMORTS. Players take the role of a city ruler in Ancient Greece responsible for building a powerful city along with a powerful army to protect yourself from other players as well as take their territories over.The game system is easy to pick up and understand allowing you to quickly jump into the core of the game.

The tutorial quickly explains the basics and leaves the player to build their city, upgrade and research technologies, train troops and construct a fleet. Players can also choose one of the four gods (Zeus, Athena, Hera and Poseidon) to watch over them and aid them in battle or in the process of upgrading their city.Each has specific ?Divine Powers? and allow the training of mythical creatures.

Players can form alliances in order to provide support and plan coordinated attacks on a city or a group of cities in order to expand their domination. Points are awarded for buildings and research which allows players or alliances obtain better ranks in the leader boards.Even though Grepolis is at its core a free-to-play game, it has some bonuses that can be bought with real money that offer a certain boost in different areas such as attack, management, gods favor, economy, fleet power.

Overall Grepolis is a simple yet entertaining strategy game that has the potential to keep players happy for a long time.

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal is a fantasy themed MMORPG that transports players into a world in desperate need of harmony. After several races migrated to a newly discovered continent for a fresh start, they quickly found out from firsthand experience that old habits are hard to break.A disagreement about the direction their future should take erupted into firestorm ignited by previous racial hatred and tension.

A devastating war has left Eden in turmoil. Players step into the shoes of a mysterious hero with magical powers. Although their origin is still unknown they must take on the role of an Eternal Guardian fighting the evil plaguing the lands. Destroy an assortment of monsters mythical beasts, kill fierce bosses and other players.

Complete challenging quests. Find a Soulmate or adopt a pet to assist in your journey. Similar to other X-Legend and Aeria Games? titles like Grand Fantasia and Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal has cool anime style graphics. Players are not limited to one class per character. As they progress new classes are unlocked which can be switched at random. All players start out as a human Warrior or Magician. There are 15 unlockable classes depending on a player?s level.

Shot Online

Shot Online

Shot Online is a realistic 3D Golf Sports MMO developed by OnNet .  The game is free to download and play  and with 7 realistic players, 9 game modes, 18 life-like courses and MMO / PvP aspects, Shot Online offers a very unique and complete golfing experience.

The game has you start as a level one golfer and takes you through a quick tutorial to introduce you to the game.  Once playing you’ll see that the game offers a very rewarding character development aspect, much like your favorite RPGs, where you can upgrade your stats, buy new gear and consume power-ups along your way to becoming a golf pro.  The game features a unique three-click golfing system and a number of courses, both realistic and fantastical.  Online PvP and a unique guild system only add to the RPG elements that are not usually seen in a sports MMO.

The golfing aspect is very realistic.  You’re three click golf system has you start the swing, set the power and set the accuracy of your shot.  Your shots trajectory is greatly affected by how close or far you are on the accuracy bars.  It is a challenging and rewarding system that may take some time to get used to, but is satisfying to master.  Hooks and slices are a key part of the game, and it’s possible to specify where on the ball you want to hit it, causing backspin, topspin, draw, or fade.

If you’re even remotely into golf then this is a great game for you.  The realistic aspects of this game make you feel like you are actually out on the links, and the RPG elements truly make this one of the best golf games out there today.  Download today and tee-up to this great golf game!

Dungeons & Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online is a free MMORPG based on version 3.5 of the popular roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons Online, or DDO, is an imaginative, social MMO experience that throws players into a rich fantasy world filled with monsters, heroes, wizards, dragons, and guess what, DUNGEONS and more! In all seriousness though, DDO is an amazingly diverse MMORPG.

There are so many lands and areas to explore that it can just get downright overwhelming. (But that’s a good thing.) You can create your character starting with many classes including warriors, stealth rogues, or powerful magic-wielding wizards. After playing for awhile, quests go from boring mundane tasks to straight up epic quests, and this happens fairly quick in the game. You jump right in and feel right at home slaying monsters in this vast world.

The new update shows that the team hasn’t been slacking when thinking of new ideas to keep the gameplay up to date and relevant. New quests, items, and a diverse landscape make this for an enjoyable and long lasting MMORPG.

Soul of Guardian

Soul of Guardian

“In the Battlesoul Continent, there only exist four elements at first: wind, fire, water and earth. About one million years ago, these elements became conscious and the four element Gods came into being.”

Soul of Guardian is a browser-based action RPG set in a hybrid fantasy world. Players choose one of four classes and head off into the adventure in the virtual world of the Battlesoul Continent. Alongside the quest line, players will sail through levels, finish tasks and unlock new features. Skill tree, mounts, pets, fishing, party, friend list, guild, various chat channels, dragon slaying and more.

In Soul of Guardian you begin by selecting your avatar’s gender,  name, and class ? Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge or Spear Guard ? and are loaded into the game. Once in, you will find yourself running around the fantastic fantasy world, an NPC pops up asking you to go visit another to take the first quest. It is now that you begin your journey in this beautifully crafted world.

Quests revolve around message relay, collecting and slaying monsters. The story quests are meant to provide the role-playing elements and engulf you in the lore of the Battlesoul Clan. As you level up you are able to access more playable contents, such as mounts, pets (known as Soulbeast in the game), fishing, body building, character attribute enhancement, guild, group fight and more.

Carte (Defunct)


Experience a game changing online trading card game packed with a first of its kind gameplay and thousands of cards to learn, play and master! Create endless strategies with an arsenal of spells and creatures to conquer and humiliate your opponents. Carte features an easy to learn system and user friendly interface for beginners and TCG enthusiasts alike. Dive into the captivating back story for collectors and enthusiasts and face off against anyone, at any time, at any place.

Carte is developed by Onnet, which is a Korea-based game developer of such titles as Shot Online and 9 Dragons. Carte is a fast paced global online trading card game where you choose a Hero, build a deck and battle with your allies. this online trading card game leads you into a fantastic and magical world abundant in different cards with a wide range of spells and creatures.

Stunning images and remarkable drawings make for the most authentic online trading card game-play to date. Choose from five different fractions which are competing for supremacy, and a wide selection of different playable styles. You can choose to be a part of the forces of nature or heaven, or to be enrolled to the loyal or the dark.

The game is more about strategic thinking than it is about blunt force trauma to your head. Your brain will speak louder than your actions in this game. You are presented with a limited range of variations in your hand at the beginning, however, with appropriate strategies and level ups your selection increases and a wider variety of tactics will ensue.

Sharpen your skills and you may end up playing in one of the international tournaments and become one of the top players in the world!