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Your Daily MMO and MMORPG News for Monday November 25th. Today Kirk discusses APB Reloaded, Final Fantasy XIV and Path of Exile.

Gamers First today announced that the eagerly awaited Update 14 is now live for the crime-filled MMOTPS game, APB: Reloaded

Reloaded Games, the company behind the revival of the once dead All Points Bulletin, have just announced that APB Reloaded has enjoyed 365 days in the top 5 free-to-play MMO games section on Steam.

Following the release of the US retail version of APB Reloaded, European gamers can now get in on the action of the hot new GTA-esque MMOTPS.

The exciting MMOTPS APB Reloaded is like Grand Theft Auto with an MMO flavor.

APB Reloaded is a free-to-play action MMORPG that drops players squarely in the middle of a pitched battle between the law enforcement and criminals.

The Steam store, which hosts MMO?s lie EVE, DC Universe Online, and Final Fantasy XI, is now ready to serve up the free-to-play goodness of EverQuest II and APB Reloaded.

Fans of APB Reloaded should think twice when it comes to cheating in the game…

Xbox Live Gold membership welcomes an exciting addition today as the award-winning free-to-play online shooter with insane levels of customization, APB: Reloaded, makes its official debut in the console market. Ravenscourt and Reloaded Games today bring the open-world action MMO to Xbox One as a game available entirely for free, to play and download, for […]

GamersFirst today post a new entry on the official blog for APB: Reloaded with the first look at the upcoming release that will see the game working on an entirely new game engine. The update will deploy in the near future and will be accompanied by a new addition to the Loyalty Reward Counter, the […]

Reloaded Games, Deep Silver and The Workshop Entertainment today announced an exciting new partnership that will see the critically acclaimed free online action shooter, APB: Reloaded, taking aim once more with an upcoming release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since its original release APB has moved between publishers and developers, fought fierce battles […]

During a panel at a recent convention in New York City Bjorn Book-Larsson of Reloaded Entertainment announce that they are developing an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of the action-packed free-to-play online MMOTPS game, APB: Reloaded

Reloaded Games today revealed that they have been working closely with a new anti-cheat tool with the hopes of cleaning up the toxic community of APB: Reloaded, and it appears to be working.

APB: Reloaded

15 January 2014
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APB: Reloaded is an action based third-person shooter MMO produced by Realtime Worlds.

Your Daily MMO and MMORPG News for Thursday May 30th. Today Reina discusses APB: Reloaded, Pockie Pirates and Knight Age.

The already chaotic online action game APB: Reloaded, has just gotten way more crazy. Between now and June 6 the game will be testing the early stages of its new prototype ? Chaos Mode.