Star Wars: The Old Republic Update

Another very popular MMORPG has recently announced an update to their game. BioWare released a new trailer today detailing some new features that will be coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. James Ohlen, game director, shows off some of the the systems being implemented to the game including a new Warzone, guild banks, PvP ranks, new Legacy details, and UI customization. He also states that they will be listening to the community for any feedback and for ideas on any new features that fans would like to be seen in the game. View the trailer below for some of the details.

SWTOR Gameplay – 1 of 4

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SWTOR: Voidstar Warzone Trailer

With the SWTOR release fast approaching BioWare has released the trailer to the final Warzone, the Voidstar which will be available at launch. The Voidstar is an abandoned Imperial Battle Cruiser which disappeared during the Great War. It has recently been rediscovered floating in the dead of space and is thought to contain the schematics to a powerful weapon.  Both the Empire and the Republic are vying for control of the ship to unlock the secrets stored in its memory banks. With the release of the final Warzone trailer BioWare has launched a new Warzone page where players can learn about the different areas. Check out the preview to the Voidstar Warzone below!

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