Sony Online Entertainment Address Poor H1Z1 Launch With No-Questions Asked Refund


Sony Online Entertainment’s highly anticipated debut into the MMO zombie survival genre got off to a poor start last week following poor server stability and questionable PR decisions in the wake of its early access steam launch. H1Z1’s launch was typical of the MMO genre, as was the response from the wider community. The initial … Read more

Popular ARMA Modder Joined Sony Online Entertainment To Work With H1Z1 Team

H1Z1 News

PlayerUnknown recently took to Reddit to participate in an exciting AMA event surrounding his work with the incredibly popular ARMA II and ARMA III mod, Battle Royale. During the AMA event he revealed that he has been working alongside Sony Online Entertainment to develop a similar mode for their upcoming free-to-play zombie MMO, H1Z1. He … Read more

Future of Sony looking kind of bleak

The future of Sony is not looking so good according to the company’s forecast for the end of March 2012. The annual loss they have predicted was 520 billion yen ($6.4bn) net loss, which was double of its previous estimate of 220bn yen. This has been a record loss for the company.

Playstation 4: Sony is ?confident? of release before next Xbox console

The video game blog, VG247, has been told, from a source, that Sony is aiming to release a Playstation 4 console before the next Xbox console next Christmas. VG247?s source said that Sony is ?confident? it will have the console at market ahead of the next generation Xbox next Christmas. The design goalposts for PS4, including specs, were in place at least two years ago, VG247 was told, and it will be interesting what it has in store for gamers.