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Developers NetEase alongside publisher are excited to announce the immediate release of the first Closed Beta servers for the upcoming online MMORPG game, Revelation Online. Those that purchased one of the Founders Packs have been granted access alongside competition winners and a select few active members of the Revelation Online community. With the release […]

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga has just announced the next upcoming Closed Beta event for the online shooter MOBA hybrid, Gigantic, as they prepare to invite another wave of players later this month. The next Closed Beta event for Gigantic will be taking place later this month, October, and will run through a long weekend […]

The long-awaited Closed Beta for Revelation Online will soon be upon us as publisher and developer NetEase today announced that the first Closed Beta test is scheduled to begin on October 25th. The seamless world of the fantasy MMORPG will open its doors exclusively for those with beta keys or owners of the Founders […]

GAMESinFLAMES today announced that the upcoming client-based MMORPG/MOBA hybrid, Crush Online, will soon be available to play in a Closed Beta capacity for the first time ever. The game hopes to innovate in areas that are otherwise stagnating in the RPG and MOBA genres, bridging the gap between the two with a variety of persistent […]

MMO Attack and Nexon have teamed up to offers our fans a chance to play in the Riders of Icarus Closed beta that takes place now until June 7th!

WeMade Entertainment and Nexon today announced details for the third and final Closed Beta test for the upcoming mounted combat MMORPG game, Riders of Icarus. The last Closed Beta test is scheduled to begin Thursday, June 2nd, and continue through until Tuesday, June 7th. Nexon will be hosting the test for players in Western Europe, […]

MMO Attack has teamed up with KOG Games to give our fans a chance to play in the Closed Beta Test for HeroWarz! HeroWarz is an action RPG where you select and cultivate unique heroes to build your own personal assault force.

One of the leading names in the development and publishing of popular free-to-play MMORPG games, KOG Games, today announced that the Closed Beta registration process for the highly anticipated HeroWarz is now open and accepting applications. The Closed Beta testing is expected to begin on May 18th, offering players their first glimpse of the unique […]

MMO Attack and Nexon America, along with WeMade Entertainment, have teamed up to offer fans a chance to play in the upcoming closed beta 2 test for Nexon’s latest Mount-Flying MMORPG, Riders of Icarus!

Blizzard confirmed today that the Closed Beta testing window for the highly anticipated online shooter Overwatch will soon come to a close as the game prepares to transition to Open Beta and release with the final day of Closed Beta announced as April 25th. Accompanying the announcement was a message thanking the Closed Beta testers […]

Trion Worlds recently announced that the Closed Beta event for the highly anticipated online real-time action strategy game, Atlas Reactor, is now underway and introduces an exciting mix of new content to the game including an inventory system, crafting features and competitive seasons. Players can seek out an invitation through a sign-up page on the […]

Gaijin Entertainment, the developers behind the critically acclaimed smash hit War Thunder, today announced that the Closed Beta period for their next upcoming MMO is now underway as players are invited to explore the post-apocalyptic vehicular combat of Crossout. The Closed Beta begins today and brings with it a host of new content including support […]

MMO Attack and Wicked Interactive have teamed up to offer a giveaway of closed beta keys for the upcoming Luna Online: Reborn. Luna Online: Reborn is an anime themed MMORPG set in the cute fantasy world of Blueland. The game is a remake of the popular Luna Online, now published by Suba Games. It provides adjustments to original content that remove any negative experience gamers reported about Luna Plus.

SMITE‘s march to dominate the console market continues today as Hi-Rez Studios announce the beginning of the official Closed Beta period alongside a content update that will see the game move forward to Season 3. Accompanying the Closed Beta launch is the release of the popular Founder’s Pack program that is available on both the […]

Blizzard today announced that the Overwatch Closed Beta will soon be making a return nearly two months after the original Closed Beta ended last December with the game scheduled to get back into the testing swing on February 9th. Players will be excited to hear that the second wave of Closed Beta testing for Overwatch […]

The gorgeous and highly anticipated Black Desert is taking steps towards its Closed Beta release as Daum EU today announced that December 16th will mark the first Closed Beta test open to North American, European and Oceania players. The test will run for approximately one week, coming to a close on Tuesday December 22nd. Players […]