Facebook Acquires Oculus, SMITE and Reaper of Souls Released and more! | The Daily XP March 25th

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Today on the Daily XP:
Hi-Rez Studios Finally Releases SMITE to General Public, Loses Beta Tag | [timer]41[/timer]
Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls Expansion Released Today | [timer]93[/timer]
Albion Online Releases Small Number of Keys for Alpha | [timer]124[/timer]
Facebook Acquires Oculus VR for $2 Billion | [timer]158[/timer]

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Evil Genius Online Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Evil Genius Online is a real-time strategy Facebook game based on the Evil Genius franchise.  The game mixes strategy, humour and the latest in browser-technology to bring a unique game that everyone will enjoy.
Get into the Evil Genius Online Open Beta here – https://apps.facebook.com/evil-genius-online/ 
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Ten Ways Social Media Has Changed The MMO

Social networks have effectively changed the way we…well, do pretty much everything. We interact differently, work differently, and even view the world differently since the birth of Facebook – there’s even talk that it’s bringing about a fundamental change in the way we think. It should thus come as no surprise that they’ve also had a considerable impact on the world of MMOs.

Total Domination Gameplay – First Impressions HD

Total Domination is a war-themed strategy game from Plarium that is playable on your browser and via Facebook.
Play Total Domination for free – http://goo.gl/CsLzV
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ChronoBlade is a browser based hack and slash side-scroller that’s hosted on Facebook. The game mainly relies on button smashing and killing. The game comes from nWay Games and is their first foray into the genre. Many of the great people working on the game come from some pretty incredible backgrounds in games like Dead Space and Diablo II.

ChronoBlade involves building your character through a skill tree which grands you additional passive and active skills. Currently there are 2 different characters, Aurok, who is more of a bersker type character that uses his hands as weapons, and Lophi, who is more of a DPS character that relies heavily on combos to kill. The game is in beta at the moment and interested players can sign up using the Play Now button above.

Be sure to stay tuned right here for updated news and information on ChronoBlade.

Aeria Mobile brings Japanese hit Monster Paradise to western gamers

Aeria Mobile, a subsidiary of leading free-to-play publisher Aeria Games, today launched the highly anticipated Monster Paradise, a multiplayer monster capture game featuring over 500 anime-inspired monsters. The hit Japanese mobile social card game for iPhone and iPod touch is the first title to be released under Aeria Mobile?s partnership with Pokelabo, Inc., a leader in Japan?s social mobile gaming market. Monster Paradise will be followed by additional Aeria Mobile games in the coming months.