MMO Attack and KoramGame have teamed up to offer fans of Serenia Fantasy an exclusive gift pack that is available to all players, old and new, on the new Server 8. The new server launch comes with a number of exciting updates to Serenia Fantasy. Read more
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Serenia Fantasy, a classic old-school RPG is going live. GameDP launches Server 1 of Serenia Fantasy today. This very first server is named Dreamlike Island, which offers players a pure place to play old-school. Read more
Though summer is drawing to a close, and everyone is saying goodbye to their friends, relatives, and that special someone, the fun is only just beginning in Spirit Tales! On August 29th Spirit Tales will be kicking off the ?Summer of Love?. Each year, everyone?s favorite couple, Brad and Angie, get to spend two weeks with each other, until Angie goes back to school, and Brad goes back to tend his fields. Read more
This summer, Spirit Tales has released a number of game changing updates, adding new functionality, and further customization, to what is widely considered to be one of the most customizable games released this year. Next week, the updates continue with a new Battlefield Map and Lv. 55 purple gear and weapons. Read more
Spirit Tales, the world?s most customizable game, has released its latest ?Clan Island? update, just in time for summer. The Clan Island is a special location where each clan can hang out, take videos of them without being disturbed, stash various items, go fishing, and even relax in a hot spring. Read more
This week, the Spirit Tales? Summer Update continues with an increased level cap. As of Wednesday, July 18th, players will experience a level cap increase from Lv. 50 to Lv. 55, paving the way for new instances, stronger monsters, and better gear. Read more
This latest installment, titled ?Legacy of a Hero?, promises to continue the legacy of Dragon Born, building on the already popular game by adding some interesting new features to this fantasy RPG. These new features include; an exciting and challenging Heroic Mode, new mysterious mount equipment (that can be used with the new fourth slot), new bloodlines, new gem enhancements and more new features, all of which add a new dimension to the Dragon Born experience. Read more
KoramGame Ltd., a leading developer and publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today that Spirit Tales, a cute 3D fantasy MMORPG, has released its latest content update that features the new pet evolution and family systems. Read more
KoramGame Ltd., a leading developer and publisher of free-to-play online games, announced today that Spirit Tales, a cute 3D fantasy MMORPG, will be expanding with brand new content on June 13, 2012. The upcoming content update will increase the character level cap from 45 to 50, while adding two exciting new zones to the game: Ice Crystal Snowfield and Blue Moon Forest. Players will also have the opportunity to find and collect new legendary weapon and equipment items that are now available through normal monster drops. Read more