Snail Games, the developer of the free-to-play MMORPG Age of Wushu, has announced that King of Wushu will be coming to Xbox One. Read more
In a surprise announcement, free-to-play MMORPG publishing giant, Perfect World Entertainment, revealed that Cryptic Studio's Neverwinter will be coming to consoles in the first half of 2015. Read more
King of Wushu is a newly announced third person MOBA game from Snail Games. The new trailer shows off the six playable classes and some snippets of early gameplay footage. Read more
Your Daily MMO and MMORPG News for Monday March 31st. Today Kirk discusses The Elder Scrolls Online, Prime World and Phil Spencer at Microsoft. Read more
Okay folks, brace yourselves... another petition has been released, only this time, it is for Dark Souls. Read more
FEZ, a brand new game from Polytron, is now available from the Xbox Live Arcade. In the game you play as Gomez a small 2D creature living in a plain 2D world. Read more
New York is said to be removing registered sex offenders from online gaming networks such as Xbox Live ?Xbox Live being the only one specifically mentioned by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This is the very first time any sex offense laws have ever affected gaming services. Read more
The video game blog, VG247, has been told, from a source, that Sony is aiming to release a Playstation 4 console before the next Xbox console next Christmas. VG247?s source said that Sony is ?confident? it will have the console at market ahead of the next generation Xbox next Christmas. The design goalposts for PS4, including specs, were in place at least two years ago, VG247 was told, and it will be interesting what it has in store for gamers. Read more
Remedy, the studio that brought you Alan Wake, is "looking for world-class talent to work on an unannounced project targeted at future generation consoles." Read more
A supposed former Rockstar employee has reportedly leaked information regarding the new Grand Theft Auto V via GameSpot forums. Read more
According to filings in Sweden, Minecraft has amassed $80 million since October 2010. Read more
Rumors of a new Xbox have been swirling for quite some time now, however, no they are now taking a slightly different shape. Read more