EverQuest II To Embrace New Trade Rules With Brand New Server

EverQuest II

This Tuesday, June 28th, will mark an interesting new saga in the impressive annals of EverQuest II as developers Daybreak Games recently announced the upcoming release of a brand new server with an exciting twist on the regular server restrictions. This Tuesday will see the release of a brand new server titled, Isle of Refuge. … Read more

EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special Edition

EverQuest Next Has Been Canceled | XP Special EditionWatch this video on YouTube What’s up Attackers, Mark here. And, this is a story I should have had in the XP today, but I already recorded it and exported it as this broke this afternoon, so I’m doing it here as a one off news story because … Read more

EverQuest Landmark Introduces Various Player Improvement Updates

EverQuest Next Landmark

Things have been a little quiet on the EverQuest Next Landmark scene recently but today developers Daybreak Games released a new developer post highlighting a number of significant changes aimed at improving the new player experience and making certain features far more accessible for the lesser experienced members of the community. For the first time … Read more

European Server Merges Announced For EverQuest II

EverQuest II

Daybreak Games today released a new Producer’s Letter to the EverQuest II community via the official website that includes two pieces of noteworthy information for players to dive into. EverQuest II players will want to check the website on March 15th at 2PM EST for information on a big content update scheduled to arrive later … Read more

Daybreak Games To Highlight New EverQuest Expansion On Twitch

EverQuest news

Holly Longdale recently took to the official EverQuest website to publish a new producer’s letter to announce an exciting expansion that the team have been working on for the last year – promising new high level content to players including updates 105 zones. The expansion will also feature a staggering 15 new raids, additional level-scaling … Read more

EverQuest II Server Consolidation, Campaign Updates & More

Holly Longdale, Producer with the EverQuest II team, today posted a new state of the game letter via the official forums, informing players about the latest information regarding the consolidating of servers. Longdale explains to readers that the effort to consolidate the servers is not an admittance of defeat or “evasive language” used by the … Read more

Enjoy EverQuest II’s Highest Points With New Time-Locked Expansion Servers

Daybreak Game Studio today announced an exciting new chapter in the ever exciting saga surrounding the award-winning EverQuest II with the upcoming introduction of “time-locked progression servers” catering to both PvE and PvP audiences. Both options however will be limited to All Access Members only. So exactly what does “time-locked progression servers” mean for you? … Read more

EverQuest Players Welcome Release Of 21st Expansion – The Darkened Sea

EverQuest news

Sony Online Entertainment today released the latest installment in a long line of EverQuest expansions, The Darkened Sea, the 21st expansion to release since the games launch in 1999. As the latest addition to the ongoing “Year of EverQuest” campaign, The Darkened Sea promises players the opportunity to celebrate the games 15th anniversary in true … Read more