Aion Set To Debut On Steam

Steam players will soon have the opportunity to dive into the expansive fantasy world of Aion as NCSoft prepare for the October 29th release on Valve’s leading digital distribution platform. The client will be made available on Steam for both new and existing players, along with the flurry of traditional content tied to Steam’s top … Read more

WildStar Transition To Free-To-Play Coming This Month

WildStar News

WildStar developers Carbine Studios and publisher NCSoft today announced the official launch date for the upcoming transition to a free-to-play revenue model for the award-winning MMO, WildStar. Currently Carbine Studios are hosting the first of a two stage Closed Beta event aimed at ensuring balance and technical stability for when the transition to free-to-play occurs, … Read more

Cosmic Rewards Program Detailed In WildStar

WildStar News

WildStar‘s initial pay-to-play revenue model may have failed to impress over time the developers today hope to restore faith in the games transition to free-to-play with detailed surrounding a new incentive for premium purchases, Cosmic Rewards. The Cosmic Rewards program is an innovative feature that sees players earn improved rewards through Cosmic Tiers for repeated … Read more

Blade & Soul Launch Classes Announced


NCSoft today released an exciting new update for the official Blade & Soul website, treating fans to a teaser bout of new information ahead of the highly anticipated Western release of the successful oriental MMORPG. Already amassing a huge following in Eastern markets award-winning studio NCSoft hope to replicate that success with the Western launch … Read more

NCSoft Reveal Release Date For Lineage II’s Upcoming Infinite Odyssey Expansion

lineage 2

NCSoft today announced additional details and the official launch date for their flagship MMO’s next boost of new content with Lineage II‘s upcoming Infinite Odyssey expansion. One of the longest-running MMORPG games of our generation and one of the most popular titles in NCSoft’s impressive arsenal, Lineage II will welcome the games latest expansion on … Read more

NCSoft To Introduce Pets To WildStar’s Character Customization Features

WildStar News

Fans eagerly awaiting the next WildStar update got a little treat today as developers NCSoft lifted the veil on a huge feature scheduled to arrive with the next update as the team debut the hugely popular request, pets. According to the press release the next update, titled Invasion: Nexus, promises to provide players with plenty … Read more

Future Of WildStar PvP Center Of New Developer Post

WildStar News

WildStar has suffered many criticisms since its rather disappointing launch but developers NCSoft and Carbine Studios are adamant they can turn things around as highlighted in a new developer post featuring details on a staggering list of forthcoming changes to PvP. WildStar’s incredibly intense and exciting combat system is one of the games most impressive … Read more

Mystery Of Genesis Prime Now Available In WildStar

WildStar News

NCSoft and Carbine Studios today announced the release of the latest update for WildStar, introducing the Mystery of Genesis Prime. The new content includes a huge variety of activities and events for higher level players, such as new zones, quests and adventures, and delivers a heavy dose of detailed lore to accompany the growing story. … Read more