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The Diablo 3 community site has acquired a new feature for the game that has been taken from World of Warcraft. Players are now able to get a character profile in order to check stats, track your progress, and show off your character to your friends. also mentioned that as the game evolves they will be adding more functionality to the character profiles but as of right now you are able to get an entire breakdown of gear, stats, and skills, check how far you have progressed within your game or you can check how many monsters you have slayed. Read more
It has been done. The first completion of the Hardcore Inferno mode in Diablo 3 has been given to a Barbarian. The completion was done before the most recent patch that has gone live today which makes the game a little easier for players to be able to play. Read more
Diablo 3 maintenance begins on Wednesday, June 20th, at 3am PDT and Blizzard says that they'd be finished around 1pm PDT. Players will not be prompted to download the patch until the game becomes live again in their home region. Read more
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Looks like the posters on the Diablo 3 forums have found that they were able to download and play the unannounced Diablo 3 Starter Edition early this morning (without the use of Beta Codes). Unfortunately it was a fly-by-night since Blizzard promptly shut down the site for maintenance at 8:45am EST. It gives fans a glimmer of hope to see what could potentially come in the future. Read more
Diablo III is set to be released on store shelves on May 15th for the PC. The title could potentially be making its way to the Xbox and PS3 consoles after Blizzard?s debut for it on PC is finished. There is still no confirmation, but the COO, Paul Sams, stated that the company would ?[continue] to explore? the possibility of a console port. Read more