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To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Online’s new expansion, Agents of Yesterday, we’re teaming up with Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios to give away Temporal Agent Starter Packs.

Bioware today updated the official website for Star Wars: The Old Republic with a post detailing a massive list of changes that arrived today, making a vast number of improvements and fixes to the games crafting system. Eric Musco of Bioware took to the official website to inform the community of the huge list of […]

Bioware today published a new forum post reminding players that the Knights of the Fallen Empire Early Access period for Star Wars: The Old Republic is beginning tomorrow after a period of scheduled maintenance. The game servers along with the official website will be offline for a period tomorrow, Tuesday October 20th, The news comes […]

Are you ready for combat in a galaxy far, far away? Well, you’d better prepare as the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront Beta event is almost upon us as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC players eagerly await updates to announce its release. The Beta event is scheduled to begin tomorrow, October 8th, and will […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic players woke up to some disappointing news this morning as developers BioWare announced an unexpected delay with the launch of Update 3.3, an update that was originally expected to go live following maintenance earlier today. According to a post from Community Manager Eric Musco the team ran into some unexpected […]

Bioware today released a new post on the The Star Wars: The Old Republic blog that sees Senior Designer George Smith detail forthcoming changes to popular Operations and Flashpoints with the arrival of the next expansion due to arrive later this year, Knights of the Fallen Empire. Among the points discussed players will want to […]

Earlier this week BioWare and Electronic Arts announced a brand new expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic but no sooner was the announcement made than a premature version of the website was leaked revealing even more tantalizing details on Knights of the Fallen Empire. The website was up for a brief time earlier today […]

Walt Disney Company today announced an unlikely partnership as Kabam Games are the latest to join the licensed developers working on the Star Wars IP as the veteran free-to-play developers set their sights on a new mobile RPG, Star Wars: Uprising. It is said that the game will bridge the gape between the events of […]

The pre-release hype in what is quickly becoming one of the most anticipated Star Wars games in history hit new heights today as Electronic Arts, DICE and Lucasfilm released a brand new trailer alongside confirmation of the official release date for Star Wars Battlefront. The next installment in the critically acclaimed Battlefront franchise will hit […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Manager Eric Musco published a post on the official forums today with details surrounding the unexpected cancellation of the ESL Operation Victory event. The event was designed to challenge players with forming teams and completing Operations in the fastest possible times for a selection of exciting rewards. However one […]

BioWare today released a feature-filled developer roadmap for Star Wars: The Old Republic ahead of today’s highly anticipated Conflict on Rishi’s patch update. Star Wars: The Old Republic Producer Bruce Maclean took to the official blog to deliver a letter to remind players of the pillar points of the SWTOR experience as the team plan […]

What better way to begin your Black Friday adventures than munching on yesterday’s leftovers while glancing over an interesting infographic put forward by the developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic, BioWare. According to the information over 57 million characters have been created with over 17 million earning the title of the iconic Jedi. However […]

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During Friday’s AMA event with Sony Online Entertainment, SOE President John Smedley discussed a currently unannounced title that is dedicated to the fans of the now closed MMO, Star Wars Galaxies.

Bioware and Electronic Arts today released a brand new video for Star Wars: The Old Republic, treating players to an array of exciting information in the January Insider.