WarMage Battlegrounds

WarMage Battlegrounds

WarMage Battlegrounds is a multiplayer fantasy battle game where you?ll build and configure a mighty combat force from an enormous collection of powerful spells, deadly battle units, ancient artifacts, and magical items and then attempt to vanquish your enemies in highly entertaining turn-based battles. After creating a WarMage character, commander of your combat force, you are just seconds away from exciting, multiplayer fantasy battles.

WarMage Battlegrounds is designed for 2-4 players, is free to play, and runs in any web browser without a download. WarMage Battlegrounds improves upon traditional turn-based, tactical combat strategy game mechanics in many ways including how they?ve been adapted to deliver a fast-paced, and rewarding, 2-4 player cooperative and competitive fantasy battle experience. Combat mechanics reward strategic thinking, knowledge-based skill, and careful battle preparation, while simplifying the decisions made during each players? turn, to deliver loads of fun for any fan of turn-based strategy games.

Desert Operations

Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a browser based game with a modern-warfare theme in which players battle for resources and glory while boosting their political influence, create alliances and wage war. The game was developed by Playzo GmbH and there are four types of units available in game:

Infantry ? cheap and fast to produce, but have weak attack and defense values. With the exception of Navy Seals. Vehicles ? have increased attack and defense, but they are vulnerable against air attacks. Air units ? have a high penetration score, but they have a low deployment time. Water units ? they inflict great damage and have average fixed cost, but they are very expensive in research and purchasing.

In Desert Operation there are three different types of buildings which can be constructed: production buildings, military buildings and action buildings. Each building can be upgraded to increase the bonuses that it offers. The gameplay can be improved or sped up with the help of premium packages that offer instant buildings, special weapons, better weather and other features in exchange of Diamonds.

Desert Operation offers players many possibilities in creating their own country and defending it from other players. It is a good military strategy game that will keep players glued to the computer as they try to better plan the evolution of their country.

Skylancer – Defunct


Skylancer is a free to play strategy MMORPG where you will discover a world of fantasy and adventure.  Your goal is to slip into the role of the ruler of a flying island in the sky and work alongside other players in a huge team which reaches all the way to the moon.

The world is called Horizon, and there are three different factions fighting for control of the planet. You must also decide for which faction you will fight, whether it is the Empire, Alliance or Renegades.  Regardless of your faction, you but one goal in mind ? to capture and control the artifacts of an ancient and legendary people. This quest will have you travelling to the ends of the earth and the moon. But you can only complete the quest by working together with other players in your faction. You must find a group of like-minded individuals for which you can rely on and take on the challenge of building a tower that can reach the moon.  If and when you complete this task, you will have a chance at finding the artifacts which will provide you with additional powerful technologies.

The world of Skylancer ? Battle for Horizon is dynamic and unique.  You will find that there is always something for you to do and someone for you to help. You will encounter countless quests that are riddled about the world.  Quest that will challenge you, as well as your friends, to complete them.  But by completing these tasks, you will be able to build up your floating island in the sky and become an even more powerful ruler. The more you build and research new technologies, the better chance you stand at claiming the artifacts as your own.

Skylancer is a unique take on the classic city building game.  You will find it necessary to build infrastructure like sawmills, quarries, and farms, which will generate resources for the supply of units.  You will learn to control your units and technologies in order to maximize your potential.

Skylancer has something for all gamers.  For those who like fighting, the game offers a complete set of  tactical PvP and PvE battles, and a great deal of weapons, shields and gear.  Players will also find enjoyment in searching for the lost civilization and fighting with lunar guardians on their quest.

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online (formerly known just as Castle Empire) is an engaging MMORTS from the world renown developer Ubisoft that lets players transform their simple plots of land into mighty empires. You’ll produce and trade valuable goods with friends, build towns and villages, and journey into the wild as you complete missions and engage in battles with anyone that stands in your way.

The settler series has been a long time favorite for many massive multiplayer online real time strategy gamers, so when Ubisoft announced that The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) was going to be free to play, gamers started to pay attention.Not only is Castle Empire exciting, fun, and free to play, but you can play the entire game in your browser window.

The new trend of these browser games is great, there’s no need to download multiple clients, check for driver updates, or any of that nonsense. Just open up your browser of choice (hopefully not IE) and play to your hearts content. The Settlers Online (Castle Empire) should be an exciting new addition to the MMORTS genre.

Godfather Five Families

Godfather Five Families

The Godfather Five Families is a browser based City manager game with a mafia theme.  The goal is to build up a criminal empire that you?ll use to attack other players, build up your neighborhood, train troops like arsonists and hitmen, and steadily improve your own personal Estate.  It?s 1935: ten years before the events of The Godfather film. New York?s Five Families are engaged in an all-out war for supremacy.  The war is heating up and smaller gangs are under pressure to join one of the Families or die.  Your father?s brutal injury leaves him unable to lead your family ? leaving it up to you.  You must take charge and keep your family?s criminal organization alive.

In addition to your own neighborhood you can take control of different areas of New York, but you?ll constantly be going up against other families to do so.  Once you have control of an area it will show your family crest, letting everyone know who?s in charge.  Higher level players will be given incentives to duke it out with players of the same or higher experience level allowing you to team up with other players to take control of the city.

Battlestar Galactica Online

Battlestar Galactica Online

Inspired by the TV series, Battlestar Galactica Online makes for a very good browser-based MMORPG. It was developed and published by Bigpoint and Artplant, released for open beta on February 11, 2011. The fans of the series looking for a complex plot and storyline will be quite disappointed however.The game doesn?t focus on storytelling and without a decent amount of information to back the game events up, throws the player right in the middle of a war raging between Humans and Cylons.

In Battlestar Galactica Online, the player will be able to choose from the two factions available: the Humans whose primary objective is finding a new home-planet and the Cylons, intelligent, evolving robots which now hunt their creators, the humans.After the players choose the faction, the character customization will allow them to tweak their avatars by adjusting body parts, adding battle marks and tattoos. Afterwards the player will have to decide what battle ship to control. Note that ship control is smooth, but might require an accommodation time.

8Realms – Defunct


8Realms is an exciting new MMORTS (massive multiplayer online real time strategy game? wow that’s a mouthful) from Jegex that puts the player through the ages as you build up an empire and help your civilization thrive. With your empire in 8Realms, you progress through eight essential “Ages” in order to progress and unlock new features. In each Age, new technology, structures and even more troops become available. Then at the end of each of these Ages, you construct a great Wonder to propel your Empire into the next Age. Get it, “8 wonders of the world”!?

8realms is a browser based MMORTS game and has persistent real time strategy elements throughout. Jagex has really created a beautiful world here with 8Realms, with bright green valleys and very detailed models. The company previously developed another massively multiplayer online RTS called War of Legends, which took place in the ancient world of Chinese mythology. These guys really know how to create a true browser MMORTS that is easy to pick up and play, but can get advanced for veteran players.

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is a MMORTS where players are chosen to save the civilization of Atlantis.  The Ancient Ones created four original tribes known as the Solerians, Amazons, native Zolmecs, and the Primus.  Players select their tribe and begin their rise to power.  Similar to other empire building strategy games like Kingdoms of Camelot or Evony users build and control their own city.

Construct homes, Science Centers, Theaters, and Officers? Quarters.

Build farms and mines to collect resources to keep your kingdom prospering. Create a powerful army.  Raise and train your own Dragon to destroy enemies during war. Conquer other cities. Join forces in alliances. Chat with friends. Trade in valuable resources like ore for gold or shop for special acceleration items. Become a hero and prove to the Gods that your tribe is truly worthy in Dragons of Atlantis.



Evony II is a 2D strategy browser MMO with a medieval setting. The game was originally launched in 2009 and it grew pretty fast through aggressive marketing and advertising on one end and classic, yet polished game elements at the other end.

In Evony II players must gather four different resources build their city, keep the population happy and in general manage this urban universe in a tycoon-like fashion. However, this is not the ultimate goal of the game, but that of conquering the world. In order to do that players must address military and diplomatic issues: build troops, make alliances and eventually make war against neighboring cities.

The game?s micro-transaction system is pretty common, but since this is at its core a PvP oriented game, the offers of the in-game store tend to make huge differences in a conflict. With the help of the game?s currency called ?cent? players can ignore the building time of a new construction, they can instantly gain extra resources and in general perform actions which gives the upper hand.

Evony II doesn?t reinvent the genre, but manages to do a nice job with the classic browser based strategy MMO recipe. The game looks good, is entertaining, and doesn?t take a lot of time to understand or play. Its only flaw is related to ?the dark side? of the free-to-play business model, a side unfortunately unavoidable especially for a browser MMO.

Pros: A good social environment with cut-throat politics.

Cons: People using bots and alternate accounts. Risk of total loss of cities/resources/heroes when left alone overnight.

Kings Bounty

Kings Bounty

King’s Bounty: Legions is a turn-based social strategy game.  The game, developed by Nival, a global developer and publisher of social strategy games, calls on gamers to invite their friends and destroy them via a competitive player-versus-player combat system.

King’s Bounty offers gamers an extensive and witty storyline and forty levels of gameplay to start. Gamers will advance by completing quests; engaging in tactical, turn-based combat; and hiring troops to manage within their armies. Gamers will be treated to multiple forms of combat including PvP battles against friends, PvE battles against challenging AI, and asynchronous battles; all of which will test users’ ability to strategically assemble the paramount army.

King’s Bounty: Legions welcomes social features and competitive player-versus-player combat as new additions to the popular turn-based strategy series, beloved for its tactical combat, amusing storyline and challenging quests. In King’s Bounty: Legions, players travel to different lands, meet interesting NPCs and defeat treacherous armies while growing and customizing their own forces to unleash in the game’s addictive and challenging turn-based strategy system.

Gamers who strategically assemble a well-balanced army and exploit different advantages held by some classes over others, will enjoy more success and potentially achieve a higher Legion ranking in PvP.

Classes include the following:

Archer – offering players the chance to deal damage while keeping a safe distance from the fray.

Defender – the ability to withstand heavy attacks from enemies.

Mage – unleashing magical powers to conquer foes from afar.

Support –  the go-to back-up in battle.

Warrior – this class will get up close and personal with their foes.

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars is a strategy browser-based game developed and published by Innogames. With an open PvP and a unique hero system, this game will keep players entertained for hours. Each individual starts with a simple village that must be built into a powerful city.

Tribal Wars places a strong emphasis on teamwork which is extremely important in order to survive attacks from other players. Early in the game, players need to worry about expanding their resources collection progress, resources which can later be used for raising new buildings and training an army.

Combat is based on attacking neighboring villages to gain resources or to conquer them. This is why Tribal Wars promotes player interaction and teamwork. Players can group themselves for protection and guidance, raising their chances to resist coordinated attacks against their cities.

In the early stages of the game, the player will be able to hire a paladin. This ?hero? will give boosts in certain areas such as offensive power or city defense. These heroes can equip items found in raids which further boost their abilities.

As a browser game Tribal Wars doesn?t offer mind blowing animations of troops looting villages or fighting enemy units. However, with easy to learn mechanics, the game is quite enjoyable.

Thirst of Night – Defunct

Thirst of Night

Thirst of Night is an exciting new MMO free real-time strategy game (MMORTS) from Kabam. In the game you’ll build a vampire civilizations in the ashes of the human world, or raise powerful gargoyles to defend your strong bloodline. The game focuses on strategically taking over the other team, and balance of power.

You’ll be able to exterminate foes with your powerful army. You can also play together with a friend to have an alliance to strategically take over the enemy. You’ll have to construct and upgrade a variety of buildings to help your city become more powerful and diversify your resources. Balance in this game is key, just like any other online strategy game, and Thirst of Night’s controls help you to maneuver your army effectively. If you like vampire armies and controlling troops of gargoyles or humans, this will be the game for you. Any MMORTS players will find Thirst of Night an enoyable and fast paced strategy game.

Kabam has shut down Thirst of Night as of January 2014.

Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky is a new free online real time strategy game.  Developed by Atlus Online this new flash game is designed to play comfortably within your web browser! In this online RTS, you step into the role of a Lord and immerse yourself in the Continent of Odyssya.

You start this no-download RTS from the perspective of the Empire or Federation. Whether you’re an “Imp” or a “Fed,” your goal is to expand your “Sky Castle,” then bring victory to your nation. Like other flash games, a quick “Tutorial” will teach the basic mechanics as the story progresses. Upon establishing your Sky Castle you will then be involved with territory development, resource collections, and tactfully selected “Level Ups.” To succeed at this no-download RTS, you must take advantage of all these features. As your Sky Castle grows you must then increase your military, including the Lord, Heroes, and soldiers in order to explore Odyssey for treasure!

Playing Knights of the Sky is simple! It only requires mouse clicks and numerical inputs. This MMORTS isn’t designed to challenge your reflexes or sense of rhythm? Just your sense of strategy!

Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online

Shadowland Online, referred to as “SLO”, is an engaging new fantasy browser MMO game that offers players six different races to choose from, and three expanding kingdoms set in an exciting fantasy world. Players can create and build their own empire, conquer civilizations, battle with other players, and much more.

Shadowland Online incorporates RPG elements into the game, and allows you to equip heroes with mighty powers. Once our team dives further into the game we’ll update with more opinion based facts about Shadowland Online.

Carte (Defunct)


Experience a game changing online trading card game packed with a first of its kind gameplay and thousands of cards to learn, play and master! Create endless strategies with an arsenal of spells and creatures to conquer and humiliate your opponents. Carte features an easy to learn system and user friendly interface for beginners and TCG enthusiasts alike. Dive into the captivating back story for collectors and enthusiasts and face off against anyone, at any time, at any place.

Carte is developed by Onnet, which is a Korea-based game developer of such titles as Shot Online and 9 Dragons. Carte is a fast paced global online trading card game where you choose a Hero, build a deck and battle with your allies. this online trading card game leads you into a fantastic and magical world abundant in different cards with a wide range of spells and creatures.

Stunning images and remarkable drawings make for the most authentic online trading card game-play to date. Choose from five different fractions which are competing for supremacy, and a wide selection of different playable styles. You can choose to be a part of the forces of nature or heaven, or to be enrolled to the loyal or the dark.

The game is more about strategic thinking than it is about blunt force trauma to your head. Your brain will speak louder than your actions in this game. You are presented with a limited range of variations in your hand at the beginning, however, with appropriate strategies and level ups your selection increases and a wider variety of tactics will ensue.

Sharpen your skills and you may end up playing in one of the international tournaments and become one of the top players in the world!