Pokemon Go Player Trading, PvP & Legendaries On The Way?

Pokemon Go

The talented group behind community tool PokeVS today revealed details of a potential new update for Niantic Labs’ Pokemon Go following recent data mining efforts that revealed some hugely exciting features for the record-breaking mobile title. During the data mining of the most recent client update the team at PokeVS came across some exciting information … Read more

Pokemon Go’s Halloween Event Will Spawn More Zubats….

Pokemon Go

Continuing the 20-year celebrations surrounding the Pokemon franchise this year is Niantic’s first ever event for the global phenomenon that is, Pokemon Go. Despite dropping in popularity due to the removal of the tracking system and lack of content-worthy updates Pokemon Go continues to sit among the highest grossing and most played games on both … Read more

Pokemon Style Sandbox Anime MMORPG, Peria Chronicles, Makes A Surprise Return

Peria Chronicles

Originally revealed at the Global Game Exhibition G-Star 2014 event Nexon’s anime inspired sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles attracted huge amounts of interest both sides of the pond but until recently the game was almost entirely absent from Nexon’s press releases and public roadmaps. There’s some good news for fans today however as developer Thingsoft, which … Read more

Pokemon Go Causing Massive Security Problems With Google

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go’s massive success continues to spread as the game is released in more countries but Niantic Labs’ creative mobile experience could suffer from massive security problems highlighted in a new Tumblr post from Adam Reeve. Posted earlier today Adam Reeve shared his concerns over the permissions granted through Google when players sign up to … Read more

Making a Pokemon MMORPG – Tournaments

The journey to become a pokemon champion is a long one. It involves training many companions through some truly intense battles. Pokemon battles are obviously the focal point of the entire series, as they take place on many levels. Ranging from a back and forth rivalry, to encounters with wild pokemon, the series knows how to stress the importance of competitive gameplay.

Making A Pokemon MMORPG – Seasons and Weather Effects

Every week MMO Attack takes a look at why the heck Nintendo would want to delay making a Pokemon MMORPG. No matter what topic is being discussed, the conclusion always seems to be the same. Pokemon needs to be made in to an MMORPG right now. Another reason supporting an MMO transition is a greater inclusion of weather effects and seasonal changes, as many MMORPGs follow a yearly calendar.

Making A Pokemon MMORPG – Pokemon Rangers

The most requested title to transition to an MMORPG comes from fans of the increasingly popular series, Pokemon. Is there any reason why Nintendo would want to restrict such a successful franchise from expanding even further? This series delves into why Nintendo needs to make Pokemon an MMORPG.