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Welcome to MMO Attack's list of the best Free MMO and MMORPG games. Here you will find a complete list of downloadable fantasy MMORPGs that are completely free to sign-up and play. This page features many of the most popular MMOs including ArcheAge, TERA, Vindictus and EverQuest, along with some upcoming games like Skyforge, Crowfall and EverQuest Next.

Be sure to browse through our list to help you find out which MMOs players from all over the world are playing right now, and which ones are on the horizon to be the next big thing in the MMORPG world. Please note that we try to keep our game pages updated as regularly as possible, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything going on with every game. While you are browsing be sure to note if we've made a mistake or haven't updated the page in a while and send us a note! We want all of our MMO and MMORPG game pages to be as up to date as possible for our fans!


ArcheAge is a free-to-play, open-ended MMORPG from XL Games and Trion Worlds that seeks to free the player from the predefined paths and progression.

Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus is an upcoming free-to-play action-adventure MMORPG featuring exhilarating aerial combat unlike anything ever seen before in the genre.


Skyforge is a brand new fantasy MMORPG from Allods Team and

Wild Terra

Wild Terra is a Massively multiplayer online role-playing game with open world. Surviving in wild nature, harvesting, hunting, gathering, craft, unlimited building, PvP, sieges, treasure hunting, and more!

Tera: Rising

TERA Rising takes the fight beyond whack-a-mole monotony with enhanced aiming, dodging and tactical timing to create intense and rewarding combat.

Kingdom Online

Kingdom Online is a free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG with a touch of strategy developed by NTT Games for PC – Steam.

Cabal 2

Cabal2 - the sequel of ESTsofts formerly epic Cabal Online. Currently in open beta in Korea. To be released in non-Asian countries soon.

Everquest 2

EverQuest? II Scars of the Awakened is out NOW! The ever vigilant Norrathians march united as the New Combine Army deeper into the...

Games of Glory

Games of Glory is a fast-action sci-fi MOBA blend created by the independent Franco-Swedish studio, Lightbulb Crew.

Peria Chronicles

Previously known as Project NT, Peria Chronicles is ThingSoft’s attempt at a beautiful free anime MMORPG with combat from the school of Pokémon.

Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online, from ZeniMax Online Studios, is the Elder Scrolls series' foray into the MMORPG genre. Players can look forward to an experience comparable to that of previous, single-player Elder Scrolls titles, but with the enjoyment of thousands of others around them.

Divine Souls

Divine Souls is a free-to-play Action-Fighting MMORPG/MOBA with four character classes, imposing weapons, and non-stop action!

Swordsman Online

Swordsman Online (also known as just Swordsman) is a free-to-play MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment featuring PvE and PvP action-based, martial arts combat.

Black Gold Online

Black Gold Online is a genre-blending, free-to-play MMORPG from developer and publisher Snail Games, featuring an age-old war between the dominating steam-powered and magical/fantasy factions that dominate the land.


Unturned is a sandbox styled, survival MMO created by a single teen in his free-time!

Champions of Regnum

Champions of Regnum is a Fantasy MMORPG published by NGD Studios.