The fourth and final closed beta for the Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team scifi-fantasy MMORPG, Skyforge, is now live!

This final round of closed beta kicks off today, June 23 and will run ...

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Arcane Saga Online is the massively multiplayer online role playing game from Netmarble and CJ Games Global. The game was previously released as Prius Online, which was shut down in 2012. The game was re-branded as is now in beta testing as Arcane Saga Online. Read more
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Turbine has decided to appease the Apple audience by revealing today that they have released a Mac beta client for the Lord of the Rings Online. Read more
The Runescape team has announced that the much awaited Evolution of Combat overhaul has officially kicked off its beta phase starting today. Through the Evolution of Combat, RuneScape has undergone the most significant change in its 11-year history. Read more
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Tunnelers, is a free online top-down MMO action shooter by Floating Minds. Read more
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Living After War (or L.A.W.) is a game currently undergoing closed Beta by I managed to snag a beta key and spent less than two hours downloading the 3.6 GB of the game offered. Immediately I noticed upon entering the nifty little slideshow/opening cinematic they chose to display upon choosing a faction, which is simply a difference between cryogenically frozen humans or humans who have undergone evolution and surgery to enhance their bodies for survival on the rather havocked Earth. Read more