Love and Hate – Saying Farewell To Your Favorite MMORPG

There aren?t many games that require the amount of dedication MMORPGs do. Nothing quite touches the heart of an MMO gamer than the memories they build while playing. At the same time, something drives players to leave their favorite MMORPGs. So what exactly are the good and bad aspects of leaving your most favorite MMORPG?

Love and Hate: MMORPG Holiday Events

Many people will be enjoying an extended weekend thanks to Memorial Day. With more time off comes more gaming. There are a handful of gaming companies having Memorial Day weekend sales. Some MMORPGs even go as far as hosting in-game events for certain holidays. Whether it?s fireworks on Memorial Day, pumpkins and bats on Halloween, or snow on Christmas; something just can?t beat the holidays.

Love and Hate: The MMORPG Pay-to-Win Model

Popular MMOs like League of Legends and Guild Wars 2 seem to have a fair balance on purchasable content.Many MMORPGs are taking a different route and offering only cosmetic upgrades, which is arguably the fairest option for everyone involved. After covering the positive and negative aspects of many MMORPG features, there still remain a handful of topics to be explored. Today I take a look at something gamers usually prefer avoiding; paying to play a video game.