Just announced at Gamescom, The Crew Calling All Units is the second major expansion of The Crew®, the revolutionary action-driving game released in 2014. Take to the road as a cop or as a street ...

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The latest expansion coming to Aion, the truly free to play fantasy MMORPG, has just been announced.  Coming this June 17th, two weeks from today, the next free expansion, Upheaval, will be ...

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SOE reveals details for the 21st expansion for EverQuest II, Altar of Malice, at SOE Live 2014. Read more
SOE reveals details for the 21st expansion for EverQuest, The Darkened Sea, at SOE Live 2014. Read more
Today, I'm going to be taking a brief look at Sacrifice of the Vaal, a mini-expansion for Path of Exile which launched earlier in March. Better late than never, right? As you may recall, my review of Path of Exile was basically shining. The expansion only serves to make things even better. Read more
NCSoft and Lineage II announces the release of Lineage II: Valiance, the new, free content expansion for the Lineage II franchise. Read more
EverQuest will launch it's much anticipated Call of the Forsaken expansion today and with it comes more than just an impressive '20th Expansion' moniker. Read more
MMO Attack and Webzen have teamed up to offer fans of C9, free in-game gift codes that offer special rewards. Read more
Star Trek Online's very first expansion has launched today, the Legacy of Romulus expansion brings with it a slew of new content, along with a third playable faction, the reputation system and new starships. Read more
Eudemons Online fans have a lot to look forward to in coming weeks as the developers announce additional features planned to coincide with the Eudemons Online 7th Anniversary celebrations. Read more
The video game industry is constantly innovating the way player's experience MMO gaming. Regardless what MMORPG tickles your fancy, it probably has undergone many changes through additional content known as expansion packs. Some merely add bonus content, but many make changes to gaming mechanics and add increased leveling capabilities. With a majority of MMORPGs releasing additional content at one point or another, there's a horde of expansion packs that have inspired an invigorating passion toward online gaming. Here are 10 of the most game-changing MMORPG expansion packs ever released. Read more
How much content do you think an expansion should have? Should it have something for everyone? Should it cater to hardcore players? Does cost matter? Read more
Prepare to walk the plank with Arcane Legends? latest expansion Kraken Isles, which will be released today. The expansion adds mythical pirate peril to the popular MMO. Read more
Bioware announces that it will release the first expansion to Star Wars: The Old Republic. This will add a new planet, skills, and overall celebrate the first year anniversary of the games launch. Read more
CCP is readying the final bits in order to bring you the games next major expansion, Retribution. Read more
2K games has announced that Civilization 5: Gods & Kings will be launched on the 19th of June in the United States. Read more