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Outspark, the creator of the MMORPG, Dark Blood, has announced that there will be a new Thief class being launched on December 13th. The thief will be the fifth class that will have been introduced to the game and will allow players to learn and master a completely new character. Read more
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The hit free-to-play dark fantasy MMO arcade brawler, Dark Blood, has pleased its community instantaneously with a new level cap raise to 40 and a new map expansion that is able to stir players up. ?[The map] includes deep exploration of the mythic Quern Castle, its possessed dungeons, mobs and bosses. It is the castle from the tutorial where players train under unrelenting attacks, where poisonous gas turns knights into whacked out zombies, and goblins and one eyed monsters with a lot of personality trapse across dramatic cliffs and marsh intent on claiming flesh and soul.? Read more
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