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CCP Games today announced that they have successfully updated the critically acclaimed EVE Online with the Ascension update, one of the most exciting and most anticipated updates in the history of MMO gaming. EVE Online has been at the forefront of innovation and popularity within the pay-to-play world since its release nearly 15 years ago […]

One of the biggest and most exciting universes ever created in the MMO space is set to open its doors to all players for free as developers CCP Games today announced a new free-to-play revenue model for EVE Online. During its 13 years of service EVE Online has attracted millions to its expansive universe, ultra-realistic […]

CCP Games today announced the launch of a brand new event for the critically acclaimed, award-winning EVE Online, titled Shadow of the Serpent. Players are invited to investigate a new type of Capital Ship that are being constructed in the deadly Serpentis Region. During the event players will be able to salvage Serpentis pirate salvage […]

According to a new report on GamesIndustry the developers behind the critically acclaimed EVE Online have raised a huge $30M in funding support for the continued development of virtually reality related to the popular science fiction MMORPG game. The funding will help further the development of the EVE: Valkyrie project that has been ongoing for […]

One of the most celebrated MMO games of our time continues its reign of dominance as the critically acclaimed science-fiction MMORPG EVE Online is soon to celebrate a momentous 12th anniversary. One day from now, Wednesday May 6th, marks an epic 12 years since the very first capsuleers braved the unexplored world of New Eden […]

Following the recent devastating events of the earthquake in Nepal award-winning developers of EVE Online, CCP Games, today announced a Plex for Good campaign inviting the EVE Online community to have a positive impact on the relief efforts of the stricken nation. The community play a vital part in the fundraising efforts set forth by […]

Award-winning development studio CCP Games today announced the plans for the release schedule for the upcoming update to critically acclaimed EVE Online, Mosaic. Beginning later this month, April 28th, players will have the opportunity to explore the myriad of new features and improvements coming with the Mosaic update, many already showcased in past weeks. Veteran […]

EVE Online continues to dominate the science-fiction space in the world of the MMO and today developers CCP Games showcased some of the content in the highly anticipated February 2015 update, Tiamat. The news comes in the form of a new developer post highlighted on the official website, introducing the community to various details of […]

CCP Games have invited EVE Online players of all ages to embrace the new age and enjoy a huge wealth of new content arriving today with the Rhea Update now available in CCP’s award-winning science-fiction MMORPG game. The Rhea release brings with it exciting new systems to explore, vastly improved graphical features, a select number […]

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This years CCP Fanfest was a massive success with the EVE Online community as the developers detailed one of the most exciting changes ever to hit the massive universe of EVE Online.

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CCP Games and the EVE Online community are coming together to build a massive monument in honor of the record-breaking battle now known as the Bloodbath of B-R5RB.

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EVE Online is widely considered to be one of the greatest science-fiction MMO’s of our time and now you can experience this epic title from CCP Games for just 99 cents.

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