Dead Alliance First Impression

Hey Attackers, as you know we’re always on the lookout for new and interesting games that may be flying under the radar. Luckily for you, Joel zeroed in on a potential diamond in the rough and took it for a spin. The game in question: Dead Alliance. Watch as Joel takes a crack at the … Read more

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft has never been more fun to play with friends after the release of Minecraft Realms, a paid multiplayer server hosting service. With this service, players will be allowed to own private worlds that can host up to 11 of your friends at once! Your world will always be online, meaning you and your friends … Read more

Urgot Rework: Reborn In Darkness

It has been years but Urgot is finally receiving his much-needed makeover and well, yeah. Still ugly. Maybe the update didn’t do anything for his looks but he’s packing a bunch of new tricks and one of the unique kits in all of League. So let’s dig into what makes the all-new, Urgot The Dreadnought, … Read more

Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo has been known for creating innovative gaming devices that offer users a unique gaming experience. The company struck gold when it released the Wii, a console with a focus on motor activated controls. To date, the Wii has been the best-selling console ever developed by Nintendo. However, Nintendo has been brought back to drawing … Read more

Doomfist Finally Breaks Out

Hey Attackers, we’ve got big news for any Overwatch fans out there. The long rumored Doomfist has finally been released on the Overwatch PTR. If you play on PC then you can hop onto the test server to try him out. Here we’ll take a quick look at the punch-happy hero and see what makes … Read more

Our Summer Steam Sale Picks

Hey Attackers, if you’re a PC gamer there’s a good chance you’ve been helping yourself to some sweet, sweet discounts courtesy of the Steam Summer Sale. It’s a fantastic time for gamers to round out their libraries with a bunch of titles that they will probably never play. On the flipside, it can be a … Read more

Mount & Blade: Bannerlord Shines At E3

One of the most highly anticipated games shown at E3 may be one you aren’t expecting. But since you clicked on the article you know I’m talking about TaleWorlds Entertainment’s Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. It’s the upcoming sequel to the excellent Mount & Blade: Warband. But to explain why so many hardcore gamers are … Read more

E3 2017 Everything we learned

It’s tough to determine a “winner of E3” this year. One could easily say that Microsoft stole the show with their reveal of a new Xbox, although we won’t know how successful it will be yet because of its high price tag. Companies like Sony and Bethesda presented huge reveals in regards to VR but … Read more

E3 Update Anthem: MMOFPS From Bioware?

Hey, Attackers, our E3 coverage is still rolling on and this time we’re taking a look at Bioware’s upcoming 3rd person action RPG, Anthem. In it, you play as a Freelancer and you are tasked with exploring and bringing order to the world around you. Freelancers thus far seem very similar to Guardians in Destiny. … Read more

E3 Update: Sea Of Thieves and Black Desert Online

Hey, Attackers! It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year again–E3 Week. This year’s show has been packed with big announcements, reveals and some familiar faces (it’s been too long Samus) but we wanted to start things off by delving into some of the best multiplayer games we’ve seen at the show so far. First up … Read more

The Best Stops for Mobile Gaming

As much as a I love spending an afternoon saving the planet with games like Mass Effect: Andromeda, there is a time and place for all types of games. Sometimes, you just want to enough the simplicity of mobile gaming or you’re somewhere that you can just whip out your gaming console and get to … Read more

The Crew Calling All Units Expansion Announced – Gamescom

the crew calling all units

Just announced at Gamescom, The Crew Calling All Units is the second major expansion of The Crew®, the revolutionary action-driving game released in 2014. Take to the road as a cop or as a street racer and prove your driving skills across the entire US to become an ace officer or the most wanted petrolhead. In … Read more