The Future Is Now – New Era Introduced To Forge Of Empires

Forge Of Empires 1280x720

The hugely popular city building simulator from InnoGames, Forge of Empires, has taken a step towards new horizons today as the developers release a brand new age, The Future. Beginning today the rulers of Forge of Empires can embark on an entirely new journey into the future, allowing aspiring city builders to research new technologies, … Read more

PoxNora Welcomes Path Of De’lim Expansion


Desert Owl Games today announced the release of the huge and highly anticipated Path of De’lim expansion for the tactical turn-based strategy game, PoxNora. Fused with elements of today’s most popular strategy and collectible card games, PoxNora today welcomes the release of Path of De’lim, the 26th expansion for the popular Steam title. The latest … Read more

Hi-Rez Studios Announce Upcoming Team-Based Strategy Shooter Paladins


Hi-Rez Studios, developers of the multi-award winning free-to-play MOBA game SMITE, today unveiled the first ever official details for their brand new project, a free-to-play strategic shooter currently in development for PC and current generation consoles, Paladins. In addition to traditional shooter mechanics and features players can expect deep strategic inspiration with in-match character progression … Read more

Explosive Sci-Fi RTS, Etherium, Free Week On Steam & Week-long Discount


Tindalos Interactive today offers players the opportunity to wage war on an intergalactic scale as they announce a price discount event and free week for the science-fiction MMORTS game, Etherium. The explosive sci-fi RTS is now available as a free download through Valve’s popular digital distribution platform, Steam, providing an entire week of free-to-play gaming … Read more

Kingdom Wars II: Battles Joins Ranks Of Steam Early Access

Steam’s Early Access arsenal received reinforcements today as Reverie World Studios announce the immediate availability of Kingdom Wars II: Battles on the pre-release platform from Valve. The brand new RTS game hopes to combine the more appealing elements of the strategy genre with more traditional RPG-like features that add an exciting level of depth and … Read more

Total War Franchise Makes Free-To-Play Debut With Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles Kingdom 1280x720

Creative Assembly and SEGA recently announced the Open Beta release for the first ever free-to-play iteration of the Total War franchise with the Steam release of Total War Battles: Kingdom. Making its debut on Steam as a free-to-play, persistent-world MMORTS game, Total War Battles: Kingdom offers the familiar depth and immersion of the Total War … Read more

Forge Of Empires & Tribal Wars 2 Set To Invade Your Living Room

Forge Of Empires 1280x720

German based developer InnoGames today announced the commencing of a worldwide TV campaign strategy to further increase communities for 2 of its biggest free-to-play MMORTS communities, Tribal Wars 2 and Forge of Empires. InnoGames have created two brand new TV spots for both of the award-winning games, featuring high quality 3D CGI art assets and … Read more

Tactical Combat RTS Victory Command Opens Closed Beta Registration

Victory Command 1280x720

Petroglyh Games today sent word that they have opened the closed beta application process for the upcoming 5v5 tactical free-to-play MMORTS game, Victory Command. The upcoming titles pits player against player as each faces off against 4 commanders in furious tactical fueled combat comprising of realistic military units with an impressive selection of infantry, jeeps … Read more

MMOCCG Tactics: Conqueror’s War Welcomes New Server

Tactics Conqueror’s War 1280x720

Aiming Inc today announced the latest update for the free-to-play MMOCCG game, Tactics: Conqueror’s War, as they welcome in a wave of new players with the release of a brand new server, World 2. The second server is now open and available for new players to explore, accompanied by the release of the highly anticipated … Read more

Indie RTS Strategy Hybrid Executive Assault Invades Steam

Hesketh Studios today announced the release of the exciting real-time strategy, first-person shooter hybrid on Steam, Executive Assault. Occupying a unique and rare genre between the worlds of strategy and furious combat Executive Assault allows players to take on the role of a base construction and management player, or directly involve themselves in the combat … Read more

The Champions Of Ashan Tournament Debuts In Might & Magic Heroes Online

Might & Magic Heroes Online

Ubisoft recently announced the beginning of the first and highly anticipated competitive tournament event for Might & Magic Heroes Online with the debut of the Champions of Ashan event. The event began yesterday and runs throughout the month of March, its release marks the first ever official competitive event for the Might & Magic Heroes … Read more

Experience The Epic Battle Of Troy In Latest Grepolis Update

InnoGames today announced that fans of the popular free-to-play MMORTS Grepolis now have the opportunity to relive the epic events of the legendary Trojan War with the introduction of a brand new event, The Battle of Troy. The highly anticipated update has been launched across all game worlds today, challenging players to fight their way … Read more

MMORPG/RTS Tower Defense Hybrid Guardian Stone Arrives On Mobile

Delusion Studios and veteran mobile MMO developer TOAST today announced the closed beta release of the highly ambitious mobile MMO inspired by RPG, RTS and tower defense mechanics, Guardian Stone. Today marks the official launch of the closed beta client on Android platforms as the developers invite players to register their interest for an opportunity … Read more

Star Trek: Alien Domain Closed Beta 2 Incoming


GameSamba today announced the starting dates for the next closed beta event for the highly anticipated Star Trek: Alien Domain alongside additional details for the newly improved Officer System. The upcoming free-to-play MMORTS was introduced to the MMO world in September of last year before launching its first closed beta event in December. The event … Read more

Rise Of The Tycoon Enters Open Beta

Rise of the Tycoon

Independent Canadian game developer, Alina Digital, recently announced the open beta release of their MMORPG/MMORTS tycoon hybrid, Rise of the Tycoon. The game simulates the business and political environment of the modern day United States in a free-to-play environment that sees players beginning their journey as a regular citizen before rising through the ranks and … Read more