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League of Angels Fire Raiders, a sequel to the blockbuster MMORPG, is designed especially for mobile gameplay and is coming to iOS and Android soon! Read more
Undead Labs, the developers of the award-winning zombie title State of Decay, today announced a new partnership project with MMO giants Kabam that will see the launch of a brand new free-to-play RPG game aimed at the mobile gaming market. Read more
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The indie developer Valorware has announced the launch of a brand new MMORPG called 9th Dawn. This is a title for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) that is said to feature the largest open world that any mobile role playing game has to offer. Read more
The successful mobile MMO Lords and Knights is giving back to it?s loyal fan base for helping the game reach a six million user milestone. The game is available on iOS, Android, and internet browser, winning a ?Best of Apple App Store 2012? award. Read more
Square-Enix set to fully announce the release Final Fantasy: All The Bravest on iOS January 17th. The game is already purchasable in the apple store. Read more
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